Deals: Moto Z2 Force for $300 and other Motorola discounts

25 September 2018
Motorola is celebrating its 90th birthday today by slashing the prices of its phones.

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Engineer, 26 Sep 2018Happy birthday, thanks for innovation, please hire apple ma... moreWell the problems are deeper than marketing.

When you develop a system like the Z series, have competition for third parties to join in, praise their products and even exhibit the prototypes (Feb 2018), and yet are very reluctant in helping on the Moto-certification and realisation - then it is not going to be airborne... Moto need to decide what they want, before they start thinking on marketing of it...

The Z-series devices were a classic hen&egg situation. People were reluctant to buy a Z device, before they saw what Mods they could get, And potential Mod developers were reluctant to start anything before the sales of the Z devices showed some volume...

If Moto had been wholehearted into the Z-series, they would have needed to assist developer of Mods all they could, to give us as users more reasons to buy a Moto Z device.

Let us be honest, the usability and value for money of the currently offered Mods is very limited to say the least...

Today the ONLY somewhat common usage scenario for Moto Z are those that want a slim device for the dinner jacket, that they can beef up with a bigger battery for more demanding usage.
But the advantage over other devices with a larger battery build in, are so slim, that it can not sustain a whole line with an elevated price-point.
(People would often be better of with a device with a replaceable battery and one or two spares - but it is hard to find in 2018 too)

IF they had helped Mods like the QWERTY slider and others to get real, they could have added some niches of potential buyers, and then the whole Z project could have made a lot of sense - including the elevated prices compared to (less the Mods) similar speced devices.

  • Engineer

Happy birthday, thanks for innovation, please hire apple marketing they the best marketing in mobile since they can sell iphone which not as sophisticated as motorola very well. Keep inventing

  • George

Love my Z2 Force with it's Shaterproof screen. Dropped it so many times and it's still looking perfect. Also not using any case to ruin the beautiful design. I wish they bring a Z4 Force next year.

Whackcar, 26 Sep 2018Nobody does anything on purpose. Thousands of phones slip o... moreAbsolutely right!

Also the huge sized phablets gives a less firm grip, especially hard with one handed operation. Further increasing the risk. You got much less risk dropping a Samsung S8 than a Note8, unless you got really large hands.

And the huge bezels on older devices also protected the displays in all but the most extreme cases.

And removable batteries (that are all to rare these days) also have a positive effect in this. If you ever dropped an old phone from sufficient height, you will have experienced the back an battery fly away. And this actually uses some of the energy from the impact, and thus channels it away from the display.
If you drop a Lego figure, there is a high chance of it falling apart, all bricks undamaged. If you glue it together and drop it, some bricks are likely to break...

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2018Shatter proof screens? What the hell do you do with your ph... moreNobody does anything on purpose. Thousands of phones slip out of people's hands or pockets, and they shatter. Most of the phones these days are fragile and slippery due to being overly thin and made of glass.

Also, the phones from 90's are not the ones that break. It's the modern day ones that does. That's exactly why non-glass bodies and shatterproof screens are ideal for phones...

  • AnonD-632062

Moto better revive themselves, unless they want to follow HTC into the abyss. So sad to see these historical companies slide into obscurity.

Had Moto been better at not working against those that wanted to create Mods, the Z Series discounted would have been great....

I actually expected to buy one with the keyboard Mod. But the developers ended up giving up on Moto and refunded people....

Lucky for me I was pessimistic and waited for having the keyboard in my hands before buying a Z series device - others were less lucky...

And this was not the only third party project that needed to give up.

At least the design is iconic.
Great deals though.

  • Kekest

Guess moto is only celebrating in the Us

If Moto why not LG v30?

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 25 Sep 2018Moto disappointed me a lot this year by not launching the Z... moreShatter proof screens? What the hell do you do with your phones,ppl are still using phones from early nineties where screens haven't shattered, seriously man !

Z2 Play, Z2 Force and X4 at the same price. Good selling strategy we got here

Moto disappointed me a lot this year by not launching the Z3 Force. The only phone series with shatterproof screens should not have been put on hold or discontinued. :/