Early sales of iPhone XS and XS Max below Apple's peak levels, expected to slow down

26 September 2018
Insiders from the supply chain are using the slower early sales to predict lower than expected sales later this year.

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  • 26 Sep 2018

The crisis that Apple and its suppliers feel will never get any better especially that the world's economy is shrinking.

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    • 26 Sep 2018

    Of course, most will wait for Xr. Regular costumer ( those that don't read about tech) does not know difference between LCD and OLED. Many don't even know the OS called iOS.
    Also 512 Gb is too much. Even for device without SD expansion. It is not worth to pay $500 more just for extra storage ( in case you want Xs or Max).

    I bet sales of 2018 line will be 4:1:2 in proportion, being Xr: Xs: Max...

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      • 26 Sep 2018

      SKR..., 26 Sep 2018I hope the company dies, at least then they'll understand t... morei just hope it not die because I'm waiting for this phone to $600 & I will buy it

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        • 26 Sep 2018

        people are getting smarter & they eyes are open wider

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          • 26 Sep 2018

          I hope iphone sale slows down a bit...i want apple company to do well, but hoping don't give what apple ask all the time...this is too much and kind of crazy. But we are talking about ishee...so, kinda hopeless but people, skip this generation iphone so that your iphone next gen cost a little bit less, its for our own good!

            Nobody is upgrading as often as they used to. I have many relatives still using an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from four years ago and have no plans at upgrading unless it breaks.

            Apple perfected the smartphone ecosystem. In fact, being reliable is a double-edged sword for them. Now less people will upgrade if their old one is good enough to last years and years.

            My iPhone SE might be my final iPhone I will ever buy. It's as close to the perfect iPhone I want. Better design, compact, and metal back. To me, iOS was made for small screens. The last great iPhone design envisioned in Steve Jobs' mind.

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              • 26 Sep 2018

              Finally the masses has woken up to apples unlawful pricing strategies, good sign of the things to come.

                I hope the company dies, at least then they'll understand that customers are valuable, phones are meant to be designed by taking the feedback of customer, not by scrapping of all the useful features!

                  This is what happens when you push too hard!!!

                    Strange that the colour shifting in the Xs series is not being covered almost anywhere, when Google was literally bashed for the very same thing last year.
                    Also, the issues with network reception.
                    It's obvious that the sales will go down. An utterly under-specced phone already priced so exorbitantly high. At least they should have perfected what all they are giving, but no. With the prices, lack of specs/accessories, and now these bugs, Sales are surely going even further down in the future.

                      Nothing surprising if this true indeed!! This much sale itself lucky for Apple! Hope common sense prevails everywhere