OnePlus 6T teases the in-display fingerprint reader

28 September 2018
"Unlock The Future," says the tagline.

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  • Jucking Fesus

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2018Pocophone rulesDuh, it's just a garbage made of Plastic.

  • DieXiaomiDie

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2018Pocophone rulesPlease stop with this Pocophone nonsense. No one cares

  • Anonymous

Pocophone rules

Feby, 29 Sep 2018The 6t looks awesome, but no 3.5mm jack... So I will not bu... morePocofone says hi

  • AnonD-632062

Yeah "Unlock the Future". That's the same thing Moto, HTC and others said right before removing the 3.5 mm jack from their phones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-797904, 28 Sep 2018The in-display fingerprint reader is becoming a norm nowadays.Stop talking trash , hardly any released phone has it.

  • Feby

The 6t looks awesome, but no 3.5mm jack... So I will not buy it.. i wanted the 6 but it had that ugly iPhone notch that everyone was doing.. so for the lack of options, for now, I'm gonna stick to my 5 for as long as possible, until I find a flagship killer with a 3.5 mm jack... I'm sorry OnePlus, I simply support the jack. I will not change my car for a 3.5 jack.. not just yet at least.

Kingslayer, 28 Sep 2018It better have Pie out of the box and be close enough to st... morebabbling baboon. wtf are you rambling about? and iphone users must not get out much, read, try new things or research. there's a lot of apps out there that can replace imessage and reach more places than be restricted to apple ecosystem. every time i hear because imessage a part of hope dies.

I was looking forward the Pixel 3, but looks like this phone gonna be a much better buy.

  • Someone

Or it might be a hint at TOF camera?
That effect looks similar to raw TOF image:

  • AnonD-797904

The in-display fingerprint reader is becoming a norm nowadays.

Whackcar, 28 Sep 2018Under-Display Fingerprint Sensors are slow compared to butt... moreI have seen some R17 Pro Videos in which it is clear that these guys have a Quicker UFS than Vivos... I mean its still not as fast as the Physical FS... But still Quicker in UFS Category...

Kingslayer, 28 Sep 2018It better have Pie out of the box and be close enough to st... moreWhaaat?

The FP scanner would an optical one.Slower than the capacitive FP scanners. Not a deal breaker at all,but something to take note of.

  • Hoffmann

Before your praise this phone, let me remind you that it lacks the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

  • omegalul

OnePlus 6T teases "headphone jack"

  • Anonymous

Need 3.5mm headphone jack.... or at least a 4500mah battery

It better have Pie out of the box and be close enough to stock Android. Sony omitted the gesture control for their XZ3. Not cool. It seems to me the only Chinese brand to get is OnePlus. Good price and the only Chinese without terrible or bloated software. Not RAM heavy like MIUI. Too bad the 6T will be too tall.

I realized I'll probably NOT get any of them. I'm already perfectly content with my Essential Phone and iPhone SE. If I got the Pixel 2 to replace my SE as a secondary, it won't connect to my MacBook Air. Already taller than the Essential. I'll miss the camera but I'm not much of a shutterbug. The Xperia XZ2 Compact is also taller than my SE. Doesn't really offer any special either. No wide-angle camera or headphone jack.

What's the point? I also iMessage to my relatives who use iPhones. I use my Apple ID to do so. Losing my SE will lose some benefits especially the smaller size, iMessages, and less options for Maps. Getting a Pixel 2, Xperia XZ1 or XZ2 Compact, or OnePlus 6T doesn't really benefit me in any way. It's just another phone in my rotation. Another phone to spend $500 for.

Now if one of them replaces my $60 Moto E4 for GPS, that's another story. But my E4 gets thrown around in my car alot. That's a very expensive replacement to replace a cheap throwaway phone just for GPS. If that was the case, then I need a non-glass rear. The XZ1C or XZ2C would be my choices then since they are smaller than my Moto E4 which is smaller than the Pixel 2.

  • Anonymous

stanley77, 28 Sep 2018how about stereo repro or dual speakers will it have instea... moreConsidering the Pocophone, Ulefone Power 5, Galaxy S9/9+/Note 9, LG V40, and ASUS ROG, that is not compensation enough for ridding the headphone jack.

If you're going to get rid of the headphone jack, at least give it wireless (non-Dash) charging. I don't feel like doubling up on the usage of the USB-C port for headphones and charging.

What a dumb headline.

More accurate one is "We settled."