Google opens its own repair center in the US for mail-in service

28 September 2018
A great option for those who might not live near a third-party authorized repair location.

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  • 30 Sep 2018

tigerbomb1996, 29 Sep 2018hail apple xdGartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays | HPE

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    • 30 Sep 2018

    Or a hour at the Apple Store. For the same price you aren’t getting the same service but if your time is cheap, go for it

      Kingslayer, 29 Sep 2018This is where Apple wins. They have a physical store to go ... moreI'm in a different boat. I personally like Android more, but I've been using the iPhone 6 Plus for awhile with few problems. In all honesty though, I'm slightly in the ecosystem now, so i don't know whether to wait for the 2019 Android phones or just get the iPhone XS Max

        This is where Apple wins. They have a physical store to go to. I have two Apple Stores within a 10-mile radius from me. One in Cerritos or Brea, CA. I can easily walk in and have them replace my battery or whatever.

        Still, I generally can't stand iOS. It might feel great in the beginning with the honeymoon phase getting a newer iPhone but it always feels worse and annoying as time goes on. I could never truly love Apple or iOS. Their flaws will always get to me at the end.

        At least for ones who can tolerate their draconian ways, you got those physical locations to go to. That and the software updates up to five years. I'll always be an Android Guy for life though.

          So copy Apple with exorbit repair prices, why bother even make ones if nobody will use them?

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            • 29 Sep 2018

            Labor cost at least $15/hour plus parts, plus shipping, plus tax etc

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              • 29 Sep 2018

              Due to demand?

                o Pay off YouTubers to spread a lie that the new phone is spectacularly durable to convince people into using it without bumpers.
                o Take over the highly profitable repairs business.
                o ....
                o PROFITS BISHES!

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                  • 29 Sep 2018

                  So, finally they do something with the margin they have been enjoying selling their expensive Pixel phones. Good, I guess. Pixel users deserve better considering the premium they're paying.

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                    • 29 Sep 2018

                    This should have been done before they started to make Pixel devices, not after. Also remaining US-only doesn't make any sense either, those stores should open on other countries as well.

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                      • 29 Sep 2018

                      If only the Pixels had bezels as small as those represented in the graphic.

                        1ns0mniac, 29 Sep 2018New Apple is rising. Yeah, why not?! We need another Apple!... morehail apple xd

                          New Apple is rising. Yeah, why not?! We need another Apple! More is better!