The LG Watch W7 marries Wear OS features to a classic analog watch movement

03 October 2018
There are watch hands in the middle of the 1.2" screen, offering the best of both worlds.

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Outstanding idea, I'll skip this, too many compromises, but in the future, this idea could work!

  • Deividas

This is a Joke right? 2100 is like 3 year old chip, smartwatch with LCD screen in 2018 for 450 us? :D whaaat? :D

CptPower, 04 Oct 2018As long as it have 18 to 48 battery life is useless. It should... moreAt that price point I can buy a premium regular watch.
Or really good watch with heart rate sensor and IP certification... lots of options honestly.

This could be a great budget alternative to Samsung Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch 4.
But the price is kinda high for what it is. Specs are not impressive by no means.

  • Kangal

I agree with the people here:
- small battery
- LCD display
- Slow processor
- Weak construction
Basically not compelling by LG, and not a competition for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

You know SEIKO should do this, they make great constructions and designs.
As long as they throw decent specs at it, it would be fine, as it would be a new type of watch.
They could even collaborate with their Japanese partners at SONY, to put in an OLED screen, decent specs, and clean WearOS v3 software.

What were they thinking?
I would accept a watch company to release something like this.
But LG is a tech company, so the specs need to match the brand.

Combining physical hands with a display, is the right idea, unless they could produce are high quality transparent display for displaying hands floating above the main display.
But the smart-watch hardware in this one, was the wrong idea.

  • Xhxhyy

Smartwatch isn't feasible for now. Shitty battery life.
Make it at least 180 days of battery life with all features turned-on then Smartwatch can overtake Smartphone sales.

Can I use this watches like what I've seen on Ben10?

  • Anonymous

Galaxy watch, Apple watch 4...sorry lg!

  • AnonD-632062

Cool watch but price is a bit high.

  • FarFan

Mykronoz zetime 2, shown at IFA, will have same mechanical features, but with NFC with heart rate monitor, with longer battery life, with oled, only problem is their own OS instead of wearos. And it will come much cheaper.
LG decided their watch should cost more than apple watch.

  • ZloiYuri

450$ and old chip. Wow. Lg, you are deserve bankruptcy for such things.

As long as it have 18 to 48 battery life is useless.
It should last at least several months not a few hours or days.

$450 seriously? Gear S3 is much better than this

  • Randoms

This is like LG given a designer 5$ and 500 cans of coke and locked into room and told him to design a watch.

  • Anonymous

Only design is good :(

yes, waiting for this digital analog combo
it's time to ditch my S2 classic maybe

LCD + small battery for a smartwatch, sounds like recipe for failure. Looks like finally a smartwatch will likely beat the Apple Watch for having the lowest battery life for a smartwatch. Had they made it OLED, it could've gotten better battery life.

Design wise, it's one of the best looking smartwatches imo and the analog/digital implementation is exactly what I'm waiting to see*, awesome! *for WearOS devices
In terms of pricing and specs... "Are you kidding me?" - was my first reaction. Old hardware and a ridiculously high price, this is joke.

Come on LG, at least could've provide the new chipset and then maybe, maybe I would understand the high price tag but then I simply wouldn't buy it.

Who is going to buy this lackluster?