The quad-core HTC Edge leaks, has monster specs

07 November, 2011
The powerhouse packs a Tegra 3 CPU with four 1.5GHz cores. Expected to arrive in late Q1/early Q2 2012.

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  • AnonD-29528

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2011 morei agree with u , just think it is about time we have a decent touch screen, smothness is the rule !!!!!!! bring it up ! shame it is talking away tooo long, IDEVICE IF it does not happen next year. being denying it for 5 years but.. as i said enough is enough

  • AnonD-29528

[deleted post]GROW UP! fanboys sometimes are ridiculos, behaving in a silly away wont change a reality.

  • seshingo

Akshay, 08 Nov 2011First of all, quad core for a smartphone makes no sense. It will... moreI strongly agree. Even if it is quadcore, the net speed is 21Mbps so still no meaning to me :D

  • Hector

Karate Obachi, 08 Nov 20112012 = quad core flexible phones; what's the next step?Poketable ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-29528, 08 Nov 2011WHEN WE WILL START TALKING ABOUT SMOOTHNESS... IT IS MORE THAN... more­s-android-ics-and-a-2x-performance-boost-thanks-­to-a-miui-rom/

thanks to a MIUI ROM & developers, you can update ICS for SG2 straight away.

another reason why we love GS2 :)

  • I go for Nokia

I sold my HTC Desire because I dont come along with a phone which battery last 10h per day. I dont wanna carry charger with me all day. Now I have regular phone and the battery works 4 day.

I buy a touch screen phone when they stop doing the 6-core phones with 7" screen with crappy battery life!

I heard that Nokia Lumia has a very good battery life. Looking forward to that.

  • rrfat

too big man !!!! where i gonna put it ?

  • Anonymous

Somehow..., 08 Nov 2011Somehow you'd think that Samsung would be the 1st in the monster... moreNot very surprising to me.

Since HTC has been aggresively announcing phones every fortnight or a month with minor hardware upgrades and they aren't using own designed chips unlike samsung(exynos), it could be preticalbe that HTC is the first company announce quad-core handset, but remember LG was first company jumped to the dual-core with tegra 2, but they weren't that successful :) I think HTC is following stops of LG here.

  • Bob

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2011At the end, those companies who actually have patents and techs ... moreIts actually a taiwanese company, not chinese thanks

  • AnonD-29528

back with my first touch phone, samsung pixon, chose becouse i thought it would be better than iphone ( camera,etc ) didnt like the fact to have a iphone, (terrible experience with PIXON!,) i felt shame of myself everytime i see a friend of my showing off how smooth iphone is, after while i bought a HTC HD2, great experiece, amazing phone, specially when rooted to android, but still nothing compared to the smoothness of Idevice, damn upseting.... now i have a samsung galaxy S2, definitely a worth phone to have, OLED display is great, core 2 , lighty, but after all this time , it still not as smooth as Idevice, close but NOT!, if next year Iphone 5 comes up with a 4.0 display, n it is as lighter as my galaxy s2, i will go for a Idevice, enough is enough!!!!!!,,.. I ANXIOUSLY AWAIT FOR ICE SANDWICH TOO, n might not go for a IPHONE NEXT YEAR

  • AnonD-23574

LCD display again?? HTC needs to wake up and start using AMOLED or Samsung will "wipe the floor" with them.

  • Somehow...

Somehow you'd think that Samsung would be the 1st in the monster specs department. This is really a supprising turn of events o.O

  • Nice

wait n see, 08 Nov 2011I'll wait for HTC Edge S, which will most probably come few mont... morelol nice 1 ;)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1124, 08 Nov 2011Dude, its you who knows nothing about processors. Are you trying... moreNice you said it.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I know you don't have any idea about comercial battery industry, i wouldn't be harsh on you.

As i said, yes there are better chemicals, but they don't meet industry's demands in many catergories like mass-production, efficiency and other engineering difficulties for comerical useages.

For example, carbon nanotube? that's still experimental. No one can mass-manufacture it and too expensive. Lithium-Air? You can charge only a dozen times and unstable. It's still experimental as well.

Look, kid. Many companies&university teams eager to find comercial techs that they can improve battery life.
They know it would be a billion dollar worth gold mine and invest big money every year.

They aren't lazy ass, captalism makes them hard as dog.

  • AnonD-1124

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2011if you want battery go for nokia x1 with 2 month standby and 1 d... moreWhy would any rational human being with his head properly screwed on, want to watch 1080p videos on a sub 5" 720p screen? What happened to common sense? That would be a glorious waste of bandwidth. I find 480p okay for viewing on a 15" display. And by the way, the galaxy s II plays 1080p videos fine.

  • Anonymous

DAVE the BRAVE, 08 Nov 2011Why are people getting bees in their bonnets about the fact this... moreI bow down to you! You are totaly 100% correct. Half these numpties probably run a freaking samsung chat anyways. No point in bitching about things you can have, or havent had the pleasure to use.

  • ryd3r

Do we really need quad core phones?

  • mick

the design is very nice.I like it

  • Bob

Oh this is ridiculous. Android is the "new Windows Mobile" in that it is grossly inefficient, full of bugs, very slow, laggy, always crashing, etc.

HTC would do better putting more effort to release nicer Windows Phone models since Windows Phone works so well, has no lag, never crashes, is as fluid as anything... all on a single core 1GHz. So with their Titan, etc. clocking at 1.5GHz Windows Phone surely is a pleasure to use. However this HTC Edge thing is huge specs trying to make Android usable, but the unfortunate thing is Android will never be usable. Microsoft even gave up on Windows Mobile because it was so terrible since it was the same as Android now is.

On a side note, for those of you who keep thinking multiple cores use more battery, they do not. With the CPU running multiple threads at once spread across cores, the same task can be accomplished with lower clock frequency (let's say a 1.5GHz x 4 core running a bunch of threads at 400MHz (lower voltage, lower current) vs. a 1.5GHz single core running the same threads at 1.5GHz (higher voltage, higher current). In saying that, HTC is only throwing cores at Android because it needs to run 1.5GHz x 4 full out all the time and that is why Android is so awful.

If this phone was released as a Windows Phone version it would most of the time be running at 50MHz - 200MHz and the battery would last significantly longer than the current single cores.

For those of you who have not tried Windows Phone because you've confused it for Windows Mobile (which was horrible) - I suggest you go to a shop and try one.