HTC Ville specifications leak, will run Ice Cream Sandwich

10 November, 2011
Slated to be announced at Mobile World Congress next year, it will also be the first phone to have Sense 4.0.

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  • Wildcatpollo

I just bought the HTC Sensation .... I won't buy this HTC

  • Anonymous

design copied from htc

  • TechyRock

Shawa, 10 Nov 2011is this defy?nop its not

  • Ujwal


  • AnonD-25841

Shawa, 10 Nov 2011is this defy?no this is htc ville htc ville and its operating system is android 4.0 choclate sandwich-
Android 4.0 Platform Highlights

Welcome to Android 4.0!

Android 4.0 delivers a refined, unified UI for phones and tablets and introduces innovative features for users and developers. This document provides a glimpse of the many new features and technologies that make Android 4.0 simple, beautiful, and beyond smart.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-26870, 10 Nov 2011So, you pay alot for a phone and you keep it in a case? It'... morehave you ever bought a case before, no do you even know what a case is?

gel case, leather case, silicon case and go on

there are always holes for buttons, of course you can adjust sound and other things. Besides, they are touch phones you can turn on 3G like other phones.

heck, what a problem?

  • AnonD-25841

this is second which run in android 4.0 latest os ans it is called choclate sandwith. samsung galaxy nexus are the compititers of htc ville

  • AnonD-26870

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2011plastic or brick in your pocket your chioce personally ... moreSo, you pay alot for a phone and you keep it in a case? It's like buiyng a smartphone but you disable 3g, autoupdates, push email, reduce screen brightness. What the h ...

  • AnonD-26870

Cod3rror, 10 Nov 2011HTC has no design department all their phones are the same.... moreShitty UI? Well, TouchWizz4 isn't that at all. It's actually the God of UI-s.

Seriously, Google dumped the idea of Android beeig the best in the first second it accepted custom UI-s over it.

  • Anonymous

Shawa, 10 Nov 2011is this defy?no it's not a defy.

it's atrix 3 lol

  • Anonymous

rafe goldsmith, 10 Nov 2011Tell me about it... I have HTC Hero that was the phone of t... moreplastic or brick in your pocket
your chioce

personally i don't mind it is plastic, because i know samsung's plastic has decent level of quality and durablity.
I drop my SG2 a few occasions in at the bar and outdoor, but never have either a crack or a stretch.

i don't mind the feel of plastic, but hey
you can buy a case for a phone like most of ppl.

  • Shawa

is this defy?

  • Fade.

My name is actually Ville. I wonder if I can just walk in the strore and say: Give me my phone it has my name on it XD. Well I think they would not give me one.

  • AnonD-2663

HTC Vile lol..

  • Rohan

Android is not even good optimized HTC sensation has a Dual core And the iphone 4 is better in Screen responsive no stuttering and is so smooth. Android is not good.

  • rafe goldsmith

AnonD-15182, 10 Nov 2011The phone like Incredible S won't get Icecreame sandwich.HT... moreTell me about it... I have HTC Hero that was the phone of the year 2010, and was left in cold eclair 2.1
Can't save apps on SD, because HTC only give 356Mb internal.
I bought it Usd 600 to see it updated only once!

Long story short I give it to my wife as replacement of her N82.

Now I'm SGS2 user. Not that I hate HTC phone, but just can't seem to find the right size and thickness.
After using SGS2 all HTC 4.3" phones feel like abrick!

Waiting for them to realease decent 4" phone, as 0.3" compensate of having solid material compared to samsung's plastic.

I love HTC, only felt sorry for Hero :D

And their current phones aren't my flavour..

  • AnonD-15182

The phone like Incredible S won't get Icecreame sandwich.HTC releases a new phone with every software update & doesn't look after the old buyers.I took a decision when I went to buy Incredible S I got home with Nexus S . Now i'm really happy that I paid less(around 80USD) & the phone I have will be more advanced. My next buy would be Motorola for sure.Not & never HTC who forgets their old buyers.

  • Cod3rror

HTC has no design department all their phones are the same.

The same design.
Shitty cameras(don't mean MP, 8 is enough).
Shitty slow, laggy UI with useless 3D gimmicks.

If you want a good Android, Samsung is the only choice.

  • Anonymous

buttons?, 10 Nov 2011I don't see any dedicated buttons like menu/back,etc.With IceCream, you won't need one. But of course you have power, volume as usual on the side/top.

  • rafe goldsmith

ICS 4", Sense 4.0, and SCREEN 4" Please .........