The nubia X dual screen phone will be unveiled on October 31

08 October 2018
The date has been officially confirmed by the brand's CEO.

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YU Phone and Meizu already do that.

  • Ruphus

I think that having two standard screens like this is useless. If a second screen is added I like how the yota phone did it with an e-ink type display. It serves a distinct enough functionality to warrant the feature, unlike a second standard display.

Whackcar, 08 Oct 2018I get your point. There will definitely be certain issues w... moreYeah, then the notch becomes useful tbh. As for this dual screened phone, I'm pretty happy with the idea. Granted, a Foldable display is cooler in my opinion, but this is much more accessible. Kudos to ZTE, glad they're not dead

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2018then they won't use book case. Duh! Maybe 2 glass screen pr... moreThatsbad clumsy úpeople always breaks phone. And people are always clumsy accidental fall is often even in people which claims they never broke anything its a lie.

Always On Display...

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 08 Oct 2018I wonder how will case and screen protector works here. Esp... morethen they won't use book case. Duh! Maybe 2 glass screen protectors

Durability is not problem when there is transparent case, if shutter camera has dedicated button.
Battery is not problem or might be become advantage, if the secondary display has lower resolution, you can always choose..

The biggest problem maybe repairability
Btw love the innovation, in this notch years.

marko97sx, 08 Oct 2018Good explanation. But that would mean more expensive parts,... more100% YES.

marko97sx, 08 Oct 2018Good explanation. But that would mean more expensive parts,... moreI get your point. There will definitely be certain issues with dual-screen phones, mostly regarding durability & battery (two displays take more power than one). As a concept though, it is nice & any present issues could be worked around with in successor models. I certainly appreciate brands who try to experiment with new ideas rather than play the safe game & rehash the same products with new SoC & Cameras.

I agree about your point regarding foldable phones too. Such phones will also have durability issues. The unfolded display would also be too tall & useless for media consumption. The only use i can see for it would be for multi-tasking, where on one side you could like watch youtube & on the other use some other app.

As for my views on the notch. I neither hate, nor like the notch. I'm ok with notched phones as long as it can be disabled within the software. Once you turn it off, it basically turns into a regular bezel.

Whackcar, 08 Oct 2018It is a solution to making a fully bezelless phone. You see... moreGood explanation. But that would mean more expensive parts, turning around the phone just to take a picture of yourself, 2 screens you need to worry about not cracking etc etc. I personally think that this is going to flop, because there were cases of dual screens before, and nobody wanted to buy them, they're interesting, but... Who actually will buy it? Same with the Oppo Find X, I mean yeah, everything's better than motorised cameras, but how many people have bought the Nex S or the Find X? Same goes also for the supposed 'foldable smartphones', I get triggered whenever I see someone discuss foldable smartphones. No, it's not revolutionary, no, it's not a good idea, yes, it will be a piece of crap, no, nobody will buy them, no, they will not sell well. There are too many cons, you're sacrificing much just to, what... Expand the screen to watch YouTube? Put your phone in your pocket easily? You're sacrificing too much for that, and these sacrifices and those 2 small pros do not justify the supposed 2000€ price tag for your phone to literally fold like a rubber toy.

While you have point my good sir, I personally would much rather prefer a forehead with no notch. While we are on the topic of the notch, heck, anything is better than a notch, am I right?

It looks great but still unjustifies the use second screen... Rather back, the front screen should have been OLED or both should... The Battery Capacity will be the Key for this Phone... Below 3500 mAh then Game Over for this...

What's with the "X" these days?
I can't even find it in Mathematics problem XD

marko97sx, 08 Oct 2018We need dual screen phones why, exactly? It is a solution to making a fully bezelless phone. You see, one side can have a full-screen display without any ugly notches or outdated bezels for the camera. The other side can have a smaller screen which can be used to take selfies with the main camera(s). This also means much better quality selfies than what you get out of selfie cameras.

It's actually a very solid concept, one that is far more practical than motorized cameras that the Oppo Find X or the Vivo Nex S uses.

Hope that explains it!

pushing yota's idea is always a nice thing.

I wonder how will case and screen protector works here. Especialy the book case.
By the way concept sounds a lt better than Samsung foldable variants for 2000+

  • @Werk

ProJames, 08 Oct 2018Always X. iPhone X, Find X, Nex S, Moto X, X6, X1... the li... moreX-traordinary! On the right post :D

  • @Werk

Dude, 08 Oct 2018Nice prototype phone, nothing moreX-staordinary!! :O

  • AnonD-632062

Dual screens are a great concept for enabling a truly bezel-less front display.

Infact, I think it may be even better than the pop-up camera method, due to reliability.

(Also, has anyone though about how you can put a simple, protective case on the Oppo Find X?)

We need dual screen phones why, exactly?

  • Dude

Nice prototype phone, nothing more