Google hints it may have a surprise at tonight's event

09 October 2018
The search giant has been poking fun at various rumors, including the one that we know everything about the Pixels.

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Anonymous, 09 Oct 2018Haha. This is truly a funny thought. I don't wanna be sexistic, ... moreSadly no pixel mirror... Let's see if they introduce it in 2019 ;D

Yes Google, You have surprised us with sheer disappointments... What a bad event it was... Go back and watch it by yourself again... There was no details... Nothing... You see your sales are coming down this time...

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2018Well one thing we can agree on each other is that the hype (and ... moreTwo back cameras is not possible. The hardware is same as what you've seen in the leaks.

If they do surprise us with a third Pixel, then that phone could have anything from dual-camera setup to a bezel-less, notchless design, or more.

I work for one of the UK retailers and got both demo pixels couple days ago. It is what it is (previous leaks and hands on), unless they will announce 3rd model

MadMel, 09 Oct 2018liar liar pants on fire:))...10 min.Apparently need to wait additional 14 min lol

Google has full of surprises today!

Syel, 09 Oct 2018Everyone pray for the ugly notch to disappear from the pixel 3 xlAnd front cameras should be placed at the chin instead, similar to Xiaomi Mix 2. For taking selfies, we should turn the phone upside down. That would be much better solution than ugly notch.

AlexG, 09 Oct 2018Nop, its 17 minliar liar pants on fire:))...10 min.

MadMel, 09 Oct 201820 min. till "surprise".Nop, its 17 min

20 min. till "surprise".

  • asdf

The emoji looks like the notch.

The surprise is "No Surprise" because you all have seen all of the stuff. So basically, Google just killing time with all of the streaming BS.

  • Steve Max

Prit, 09 Oct 2018It will be Google Pixel 3 Ultra, Developed with Xioami, full sc... moreA Pixel version of the Mix 3? Shut up and take my money!

  • Prit

It will be Google Pixel 3 Ultra,
Developed with Xioami, full screen phone without notch.

Well if they sell me their whole company for a single 1 euro it would be surprise othervise i dont expect anything special apart 2 very ugly smartphones with almost flagship specs and horrible design and look Hahaha.

  • Saleem

I like pixel devices rather than iPhone

Pixel Ultra?

Full screen display?

Or just a hype because they included wireless charging for the first time....

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 09 Oct 2018Google is trying to build hype for the Pixel event. The leaked P... moreWell one thing we can agree on each other is that the hype (and hate) was for their new devices was well created.
I don't remember when the last time was when a smartphone got that much leaks, hype and also excitement (or disappointment).
And if they really are going to release exactly the same product that was leaked, while teasing us with a twitter-post "you know it all?", then they really did it wrong.
Creating hype, etc. is a business model. But if you're teasing right before the event and don't surprise, THAT is really disappointing.
So let's hope they will surprise us with something we don't know yet. Maybe two back camera lenses? ;-)

Surprise us Google!

Google is trying to build hype for the Pixel event. The leaked Pixels are the real deal.

The only thing Google could do to surprise us is make that fictional 3rd Pixel Ultra a reality and announce it. Even if so, it won't come out for a few months at least, because it wasn't planned.

  • Surprise

A Google pin for your clothes that monitors you 24/7 to sell your data plus give them free publicity.