Pixel Stand hands-on: doing what Home Hub does with your Pixel 3

09 October 2018
It's fairly regular a 10W Qi wireless charger, but it's the software that makes it special. Daily briefings, Nest support and Live Albums work out of the box.

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For 70 euros i rather use regular quck charger.
Waiting for wireless SWOOC thats woud be amazing.
Or waiting whats huawei brings on to Honor Magic 2

  • Anonymous

I assume it's an integrated NFC chip telling the phone it's on the stand..? I wonder if someone will come out with an aftermarket version you can slap on any old Qi charger.

  • Anonymous

I don't know why people are so mad. Just buy a different charging pad, simple!

  • Anonymous

1ns0mniac, 10 Oct 2018There is nothing new in that charger, other than the design... moreTrue, that hello door camera has nothing to do with the wireless charger, such charger is made for $30 by other Chinese firms.

There is nothing new in that charger, other than the design. NO new tech, NO faster charging, just the software tweaking, which will be ported to all the Pixel devices (may be on the other devices running Pie) in XDA. Costs = $79. And I blame Apple for charging more! These Pixel crap makes those iPhone Xs's look underpriced!

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 09 Oct 2018That's too overpriced for what it does. You'd be better off... moreId rather die than purchase Chinese stuff

That's too overpriced for what it does. You'd be better off buying Samsung's fast-wireless charging pad or stand. It does the fast-charging part at a much cheaper price. It won't do the gimmickry software stuff though, but i doubt most of you care about that.

Also, if you want to save more money, you could get a Chinese-branded one for half the price. The Mi Wireless charger is pretty good. I've tested it.

  • AnonD-797904

Google has invented Pixel Stand in order to earn more money from the people who buy either of the Pixels.