Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) shows up on Geekbench

10 October 2018
Snapdragon 660 chipset and 6GB of RAM confirmed.

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Well as long as Samsung sells its midrangers for price of a flagships we can speak about midrangers.
But a very low end flagships hahaha.

  • Ahong Surahong

I think you misunderstood, the "4x Fun" event is for the Galaxy A7 (2018). 3 rear + 1 front camera = 4 cameras in total.

  • JOHN

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018An easy £400-£500 phone I think.around 550€ for sure remember a8+ was around 400€ to 450€ when it was launched...

is android 9 cursed or what?

  • AnonD-632062


  • Anonymous

An easy £400-£500 phone I think.

  • Vergil666

android 8.0.0 wow Samsung that device is outdated before it even launches

I like this one.

Quite impressive for a middle range device.

Typical Samsung, no Android Pie lol