Nokia makes Touch UI for Symbian S60

16 Oct, 2007
Nokia breathes life to the S60 user interface for Symbian OS by announcing that the well-known and highly popular S60 platform is now going to get all "touchy". The new UI will accommodate various...

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  • N9e
  • 16 Apr 2010

I have my first Nokia phone (Symbian S60 platform) in 7 years. With ALL my SonyEricsson phone's it was possible to automatically sync the birthdays in my contact list with the phone's calendar. These would then also be automatically carried forward to the following years. I cannot seem to find this function on the Nokia. Does Nokia offer this functionality or will I have to enter them all manually? Will these manual entries be automatically carried forward to the following years?

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    • ParishYoung
    • Mk4
    • 06 Nov 2007

    Hi, It's all about 'options# in my book. I have a SonyEric P1i at the mo and as you probably know you can use the touchscreen, qwerty keypad, or jog dial for you chosen input. I like the fact that you (the user) has the choice of which you find most comfortable. I think Nokia should give people choices like this. Also I'm not the biggest fan of the symbian phones. I find them all slow to use and you need to keep maintaining them (deleting stuff, using memory cards, etc) - if you all like them that if fine, but i'm not a fan (despite my current phone). I think the Samsung F700 is going to be awesome as it has touchscreen and keypad so the user can choose, plus it's not Microsoft software (aty first sight anyway) - if only Samsung would hurry up and release it. Above all that though I'm happy to see Nokia are following the trend with this new technology. To all those people who get it - ENJOY :-)

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      • EDDY
      • SkE
      • 26 Oct 2007

      Good news... atlast nokias moving outta d groove... was hopin & waiting 4it... but hope it doesn't discontinue the touchscreen UI phones like 6708...

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        • Jon2
        • vx6
        • 23 Oct 2007


        I agree with you dude. Nokia nows that they are in danger, as Apple is the leader in portable music players. And now that they stepped into the mobile phone market, they would probably dominate that market as well. Nokia had no choice but to apply the same touchscreen interface into their phones. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Apple becomes the world's leading manufacturer of multimedia handsets

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          • Falco
          • NB6
          • 22 Oct 2007

          Nokia has no choice now. Apple thinks they can just walk into the mobile phone industry and shake everything up, which they have somewhat. The industry leader has to hold their ground. I hope they don't start putting these touch screens in everything though. I can't stand it. There's no better feeling than the pushing of an actual button. Let them make something to directly compete with that silly iPhone, but leave the rest of the Nseries alone. Not everybody is going to fall for this touch screen wave.

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            • Kmyster
            • fuc
            • 19 Oct 2007

            Finally Nokia decides to get touchy. Ive all ways wanted a touch phone because they are very fun to use especially when your only 13 and is practical since i dont drive. To see that the ruler and king of all mobile phones is making a touch screen interface i know its gonna give the iphone a run for there money. If they have any left after nokia realeses these phones. LOL!

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              • Ken Hakeem
              • TCw
              • 19 Oct 2007


              If you drive, you will know what I mean.
              I don't have to drive 24/7,
              it doesn't take too much time to get you into accident if you want to drive and use a touchscreen interface device at the same time. I know it's not safe to use a mobile phone when you are driving either way, but at least, if I seriously have to dial a number that I don't have it in my phone book, I could have dial it with an actual keypad without looking at the phone. Please try this out using your touchscreen device while you are driving, please! Hopefully I will not see your nonsense opinion in any time soon again. (Although I seriously doubt if you drive.) And no, it doesn't apply to everyone, I was saying "I am a driver", my opinion, which doesn't seem to offend you or anyone by all means, so would you mind stop attacking ppl when you are not bringing up any points at all? And does touch interface applies to everyone? I don't think so, I for one, never need a touch interface.
              Don't have me wrong, I am happily using my N95 plus my 6120 classic, as a Nokia fans boy, I seriously don't want to see the smartest mobile OS on the planet turns into something less smart.
              Ordinary ppl think twice before they speak, you, should think twenty times before, trust me, you need that. Oh...and please read the posting rules before you post next time, will ya?

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                • Nash
                • jFL
                • 18 Oct 2007

                Very nice! Hope it has a good Video player, that plays formats other then 3gp, and mp4(iphone). Just not being govern by iTune is already a winner. But looking at N95 8gb, how much will this cost? My Arm? or my leggs? Probably both.

                  • s
                  • shabbar
                  • vwr
                  • 18 Oct 2007

                  man if this phone ever makes it to the market "mark my words" it will kick the I PHONE in the arse and i will be the first person in the que to buy this master piece. May god bless Nokia to manufucture it in reality.

                    • T
                    • Tony
                    • U2A
                    • 18 Oct 2007

                    Finally something that can teach the iPhone that functionality and "touchiness" can be integrated into a price-worthy solution.

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                      • wael . ksa
                      • Sd0
                      • 17 Oct 2007

                      i hope this phone it as a sport rugged phone nokia do it please.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • QZi
                        • 17 Oct 2007

                        this phone go harder then the iphone

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                          • Anonymous
                          • TIE
                          • 17 Oct 2007

                          best phs are from nokia, and so are the worst phs

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                            • dpnk
                            • 5$4
                            • 17 Oct 2007

                            I agree, relying mainly on the touchscreen interface can be impractical (anybody try to text and walk at the same time on a touchscreen device?!) - so Nokia should find a way to add a touch screen interface to their handsets, rather that remove all traditional input.

                              • S
                              • Shakal
                              • Sr1
                              • 17 Oct 2007

                              Uq4N: Ofcourse iPhone is more stable than Nokie N95. Why ? Because iPhone has functions like 10 years old Nokia. When iPhone will have everything what N95 have, then we will se how fast and stable it will be. iPhone is just a fashion phone, nothing more. Low class Nokia has more functions than iPhone.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • ft}
                                • 17 Oct 2007

                                " Oh my, no other OS in the mobile phone market have match the UI speed, performance and smoothness of mac OS X mobile edition. and it is even virus-free compared to symbian! so how dare you saying iphone is dead? not even in stability that N95 have matched iphone lol!!!"

                                But at what costs ?
                                I have yet to see a symbian phone:
                                *So close that you can't even use any MP3 you want as a ringtone
                                *So overpriced for what it worth that it gives me headaches.
                                I would unserstand this price if it was even remotely as powerful as the HTC Shift,but it is far from that.
                                *Starting a very dangerous precedent for customers in the form of an incredibly greedy deal between the constructor and the operator
                                *Which can be turned completely unusable by software upgrade,and so on...

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • F4p
                                  • 17 Oct 2007

                                  "Touchscreen can be a new thing for nokia fanboys but other companies are ALREADY HAVE IT. Nothing new."
                                  yea other comapines already have touchscreen, but does it look alike to the video? oh man.. it's far apart compare to other touchscreens dude. like sony, same same. but this, the graphic is so forcus on. unlike ur menu is so yucky -.-

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ft}
                                    • 17 Oct 2007


                                    I agree that exclusively touch screen tool like the iPhone can be quite unpratical.
                                    However if Nokia(or other companies) combine touch sensitive screen with other inputs that would give more possibilities to customer and increase the overall power of the tool.
                                    I personnaly would be quite happy with a N93 successor with a touch sensitive VGA screen based on this platform.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Uq4
                                      • 17 Oct 2007

                                      i think it is nokia n800

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                                        • SeF
                                        • whB
                                        • 17 Oct 2007

                                        "the iphone is dead...the n95 was already more superior than the iphone now the s60 touch ........sorry apple stick with ipods"

                                        Oh my, no other OS in the mobile phone market have match the UI speed, performance and smoothness of mac OS X mobile edition. and it is even virus-free compared to symbian! so how dare you saying iphone is dead? not even in stability that N95 have matched iphone lol!!!