This is what Samsung's first ODM device, the Galaxy A6s, looks like

13 October 2018
The company is looking into the options of making a return to the Chinese market and ODM is one of them.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018so ODM phones its phone made from others/ non samsung and w... moreApple designs the phone, they just outsource production.

  • Anonymous

Arvind7955, 13 Oct 2018Those ports are Type C, right?If this is a cost-cutting design they're probably sticking with microUSB

  • Anonymous

Pelacur, 13 Oct 2018Yeah i like this colorful front panel. All Black crap notch... moreUh, _9 generations_ of full bezels is boring. Status bar in that area is useful.

Shanti Dope, 13 Oct 2018Only their flagship S and Note series sell well in every co... moreThe A 2018 series are seriously good phones. SOC is bad for the price but that's about the only problem I find with them.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2018I had to look up ODM in Wikipedia: An original desi... moreNo, there will be no rebrand other than Samsung. This is just a case where Samsung only does the software, and the hardware design including selection of components is done by the ODM. Samsung will participate for external casing design, that's all.

I wonder if Samsung will handle the updates for this device like they do for their regular midrangers, or if the ODM will handle the updates (in which case, NO updates!).

  • Anonymous

So now it's Samsung's turn to follow Chinese design.

  • jack

if it's manufactured in china, then it should match the price with other chinese brand

  • OSasmatteroffact

marclee37, 14 Oct 2018so these are some models bearing the name of Samsung, but n... moreAs long as it does not explode I guess it'll be fine

Shanti Dope, 14 Oct 2018Copying from iPhones. Horizontally (iPhone 7/8 Plus) and ve... moreIs that camera position from Apple patented? I dont think so. Like fashion we always mimics what already exist. Even every door knob position is the same. I dont see a problem with something that has been normalized.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018so ODM phones its phone made from others/ non samsung and w... moreApple is not doing ODM stuff with FoxConn mate, there's a big difference, FoxConn also manufacture some Xiaomi

  • notchhatr

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018If you look phone sales, the notches phones sells better th... moreok sry iam not a kind of guy that look at the phone sales and go and run into the company store and buy things.. i think the only guy who does those thing are you and people like you.iam a notch hater yes bcause i dont understand what the hell is that thing called a notch the companies who dont have the ideas how to built a phone by getting rid of the uppermicrophone and selfie camera started builting this thing called notch and by launching phone and showing their notch phone sales they wanted us to buy that bullshit ugly design by showing the the sales numbers to us.i dont have to write this and prove it people still will hate notch design for generation mark my words bcause thats an incomplete design and a temporary solution of phone makers to attract audiences and grab their money... i still have hope that samsung will never break our heart so i love samsung... because they at least hear their users opinion or you can say customers satisfation is their moto they have already proved these things these years by not removing headphome jack amd sd card etc also by not adding that dumb notch
also one more thing they dont reaveal their sales numbers to attract dump customers like you so they are top in the samartphone sales industry

so these are some models bearing the name of Samsung, but not the quality of Samsung?
Why did so? in long term, the name of Samsung will be harmed

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018"even the idea of putting the cameras on the upper left cor... moreCopying from iPhones. Horizontally (iPhone 7/8 Plus) and vertical (iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max) and LED flash on its right (all iPhones except X series) or in the middle of the dual camera (X models).
The way the cameras are designed and where they are exactly positioned on Androids is exactly an iPhone reference. Vertical dual cameras can be done without having to be an iPhone-style (Huawei Mate 10 devices, XZ2 Premium, Galaxy Note 8/S9/S9+/Note 9, etc.), but the vast majority are lazy to create their own style and instead blatantly mimics what already exists, which further lessens the chance of a distinguishable design signature from individual brands.
Cameras are supposed to be in the middle of the phone in order to lessen the chance of smudging the lens. And don't you wonder why vertical and dual cameras on the upper left corner starts becoming a design signature after Apple started doing them?? Yeah, it's not copying......LOL

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 14 Oct 2018To be clear all the critisicism here is meaningless. Do you... moreso ODM phones its phone made from others/ non samsung and with samsung branding? then how about iPhone with foxconn?

  • Anonymous

Samsung really looks like chinese phones but its okay

  • Anonymous

notchhatr, 14 Oct 2018who told you notch is a trending thing its a bs thing the o... moreIf you look phone sales, the notches phones sells better than non notch phones...
You and I don`t have to like notches, but most phone buying people seems to like them at this moment more than non notch phones.

  • Chrsjns

Good luck Samsung, hope this time you will do better than than with the C series a couple years ago.... China brands are more willing to use the super midrange chipset now.....

To be clear all the critisicism here is meaningless. Do you guys even know what ODM means? ODM sells phone to other company and rebrand it. The purpose of ODM device is immediate profit. They make non sustainable brands and if it fails they simply change the name. There is no intention to actually improve the product so save your time from giving out ideas they should do this or that. One thing for sure they all are made to be super cheap than OEM devices.

  • notchhatr

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2018Nah, you're just hating notch because it's the most trendin... morewho told you notch is a trending thing its a bs thing the only guy who like and say this thing is you wana tell you something get a life bro

  • notchhatr

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2018Come on samsung, just release a phone with notch, that beze... moreif you want notch dowload an application called notch into your phone and be happy with your notch dude. dont compel other
s to get attract towards that bs trend and let me tell me something i love samsung phone because they dont have notch the day i see samsung phone start following thess trend i will hate it.... not everyone is a fan of your notch trend