Lenovo S5 Pro teasers show a dual camera, question the image quality of rivals

15 October 2018
The S5 Pro and Z5 Pro are different devices, it turns out. This one has has a dual camera on its back, the Z model will have four.

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Sheera, 15 Oct 2018"The first one calls out the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite for not havin... moreWhen was this photo taken? I thought atomic bomb days ended after 1945 or something....

I have been waiting 2.5 years for a succesor to my ZUK Z2 Pro. It was faster than the S7 at half the price, I hope the Z5 Pro follows suit.

  • Anonymous

Having IBM and Motorola will no doubt enough amunition to challenge apple face to face. Lenovo phone quality it self on par with samsung before purchase Motorola. I have no idea why lenovo sell drop. Marketing dept is so weak

  • Anonymous

Best battery ever Lenovo P5

  • Anonymous

Honor 8x is the best out of them competition

  • Steve Max

Sheera, 15 Oct 2018"The first one calls out the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite for not havin... moreWow, the chroma noise hurts my eyes even without zooming! This is seriously worse than most low-end phones from 2014

  • Anonymous

Just copied from others. Nothing special

  • Dan808

Lenovo should bring the next version of Lenovo P2 with superAmoled display, front fingerprint sensor, no notch, snapdragon 710, 5100 mAh battery and 4/64, 6/128 GB variant...... with a price of 230 ~300 $.

  • mynextsmartphone

Lenovo's lies are epic. No one looking for smartphones on the internets gonna forget it))

"The first one calls out the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite for not having a telephoto camera."

Asuming that this phone has telephoto camera and knowing that this phone is a medium range one, lower in features/quality/peformance than the super mega Z5 Pro announced....... i'm not sure if i want their telephoto camera watching that their big brother's telephoto can make a city looks like partially demolished after capture it: https://cdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/18/10/lenovo-s5-pro-camera-sample/gsmarena_003.jpg , zoom max to appreciate it, LOL

  • Love the Community

F1.8 is so 2017. F1.5/F1.6 or get lost! It would be nicer if Lienovo would use F1.4 aperture.

No need for teasers since nobody trusts Lienovo. Just launch it already

  • AnonD-632062

While questioning the image quality of it's rivals, Lienovo should also look within and question it's conscience whether lies and deceit are worth it.

Marko97sx, 15 Oct 2018Imagine Lenovo lies again and comes with no camera at all lmaoHahaha.... I almost fell from the chair upon reading your comment. After the lies Lonovo has provided, I wouldn't be a surprised.

  • Anonymous

gohelvishalp, 15 Oct 2018By that google have also liedBy google have lied you mean every companies have lied.

Namelesss, 15 Oct 2018Lienovo, please GO AWAY! By that google have also lied

  • Anonymous

After that shitty lie by Lenovo, it's hard to ever believe anything they say anymore. Whatever features or phones they call into questions, their own should be questioned.

All the negativity aside, I would advise fanboys of respective companies to at least wait for the final product...
You can troll later...

  • Anonymous

Among all 4 phones, only the Honor 8x has already gone global so it's a very easy choice for the people in those regions.

  • Anonymous

Lenovo smartphone is even worse than Motorola..