Palm is back with a 3.3-inch device that's billed as a companion for your smartphone

15 October 2018
Palm's oft-rumored new smartphone isn't a smartphone at all.

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  • Anonymous

Looks promising, wish the screen was ever so slightly bigger at 3.5" instead of 3.3"...

April Foo!!!... wait... Whuuut???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018I have my ipod connected via wifi hotspot on my android the best... moreBeaten..... Android phone with 808 Pureview running delight custom rom

I won't deny it, I'm so excited about it, I'm shaking in my boots.
But wait... Verizon only? from a multi-billion people population on Earth, Palm/TCL thinks they should just sell to Verizon customers? And to tie it with a carrier service? so essentially killing any hope of making it out of there unless it is an iphone-like phenomenon that makes every other carrier jealous-green.
But wait, there is more. iPhone users can't get their iMessages... Please, all iPhone users in the line, step aside.

Oh, and the price, which is understandable given the nano-sized excepted sales given the availability...

Apple... Huawei... Samsung... can you guys please make us a proper mini-watch-phone accessory?

OK, I'm being quite sarcastic here, and that's because I'm so upset because I really want it.

rundownaliabbas, 17 Oct 2018Its ironic. Its a companion and after some time they'll start in... moreMy thoughts exactly

Kiyasuriin, 16 Oct 2018Being a companion device. Kind of like an ultra horrible version... moreExcept that the 32GB version is $100 cheaper, and even the 128GB version is $50 cheaper. Both have a well stablished user base, accessories by the truckload AND a 3.5mm jack. If the idea is being an iPod Touch wannabe / rival, Palm has nothing to its favor.

As I mentioned, I still fail to see the point of this new Palm.

  • rundownaliabbas

Its ironic. Its a companion and after some time they'll start including everything that you don't have to pick up the phone, and wait, it has now become a complete phone 3.3 inch. and the cycle repeats.

Well a Xmas joke of 2018.
Next competitor please.

  • Anonymous

This is a new iPod.

  • Anonymous

It is a briliant idea, but: for people who hate to carry a
wrist-watch , like me, it must be SAMSUNG to take
care! Just imagine : SAMSUNG WATCH, but 3 inch
size, a pocket-watch in the jacket, with a gold plated
chain, or just hanging like a piece of jewelry on say,
women's neck...

Most useless thing I have seen in a very long time.

I see Palm still has the same engineers and marketing people that ran it into the ground the last time. Brilliant.

I miss the small phones, but 5.5 inches is perfect size for me. I would like to have secondary compact smartphone.

Small 3-4 inch smartphone would be good for texting, calling, chatting, music, radio...
Bigger phones are usable for browsing, social media, gaming, Youtube...

Old and new Xperias and iPhones 2-5 were successful compact devices.
There were tries for making smallest Android phones, but they failed.

LMAO, a $350 companion to my Smartphone that's merely a phone that can't stand on its own? Nice joke Palm. This ain't gonna make you relevant anytime soon...

  • Anonymous

Might as well just pick up an old iPhone 4/S instead.

  • Anonymous

HTC innovation laid the groundwork for this.­ts-companion-HTC-Mini-handset-in-China_id39124

You got to be joking right? :DDD I mean most awful device idea you could come up, well congrats Palm for making it real :))) what a failure

  • Moj

it's remind me of old HTC days.(please bear with me a second)
those days i bought HTC one m7 and that little thing that you could use to do texting and calling with your phone while it was charging(as matter of fact i do think still have that little cell phone like thingy, i need to dig in to my old stuff to find it and will share a pic latter) it could connect to phone via bluetooth and then you could make call and send or recived SMS and etc.
i think it was called STH like HTC mini or similar to it.
so this palm thing is STH the same.
not really intrested in. but it gave me some ideas if i could find that thing i'll try to pair it with new and up to date devices and see what's what.

  • AnonD-632062

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018Or SE Xperia Mini: moreYup. Indeed.

I miss them too.

want this as a smartphone...but for 50€ ;)