RED Hydrogen One smartphone infographic reveals key specs and features

16 October 2018
The infographic reveals battery capacity, design details and key features.

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  • 19 Oct 2018

The longer it takes, the more it's gonna cost. This is gonna be DoA with a premium price smacked on, to make up for the lost time & money.

    Walter C. Dornez, 18 Oct 2018Dammit, I thought I got it rightYou learn a new thing every day ;P

      Kiyasuriin, 18 Oct 2018Haha It's "Raba" . ^^ and Pleasure.Dammit, I thought I got it right

        Walter C. Dornez, 17 Oct 2018Todah robaHaha It's "Raba" . ^^ and Pleasure.

          Kiyasuriin, 17 Oct 2018 Here you go. :DTodah roba

            Andy Rubin,..paging Andy Rubin..

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              • 17 Oct 2018

              Disappointing for long time waiting, they are late.

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                • 17 Oct 2018

                They couldn't put an 845 in as that would mean going round the certification roundabout again, losing yet another year.
                Folks on the Hydrogen forum are buying them in shed loads, and most aren't interested in the 'phone, but in the camera, the modules and how well it integrated with their Red camera ecosystem.
                This 'phone isn't for everyone, if it's not for you then move on, but those who "get it" want theirs real bad.

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                  • 17 Oct 2018

                  sixtymes, 17 Oct 2018855 inside or go homePeople won't buy this for the chip. They'll buy it for the holographic camera and display.

                    Well we waited so long for this phone that noone is interested by now.

                      Nech, 17 Oct 2018What is the most important feature? it has a headphone jack.Thjats least important.
                      Proper camera phone needs outstanding camera not a jack.

                        Apparently they like older chips if they put the SD835 in Hydrogen One. Why cant they go with an even older one like SD821?

                          As for specs: it's fine, just like the fairphones or yotaphones they fit a niche and don't serve the purpose of competing with apple, huawei and samsung...really, if you want just any phone, buy any phone.
                          It's just too bad that RED has to charge these extreme prices for the phone while not offering much more than a new aspect on photos (holo). The specs aside the cams and screen are plain boring, could well fit in a 300€$ phone. So do the cams and holographic screen deserve the 900€$ they charge you on top? Let's hope this aspect is great and that the phone actually gets produced ;)
                          As for me, I take average photos with my back cam and am pretty fine with it. I would love a phone without selfie cam and only a single cam on the back to reduce price. I don't need gubbins, but great internals and design.

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                            • 17 Oct 2018

                            Doesn't need a 845 SoC, it's how you use the one you've got that matters. As I've just received and paid my shipping invoice I should be getting it early next week, providing Customs don't stuff things up.
                            This has taken longer than Red expected, a learning curve plus suppliers stuffing up multiple times.
                            The real heavy lifting will be in the Cinema Module, real-time .r3d encoding takes more processor power than a mobile SoC can provide.

                              Sushant Sic, 17 Oct 2018I feel that they are forcibly Launching this Project as the... moreVery true these are NOT days of crowd funding projects anymore! It was all over by 2011...if these new comers are serious then they must get into cheaper markets with not much regulatory pressures then increase the volume, then features, quality then go after premium markets will be a safe strategy than asking $2000 upfront for an experimental products...all such projects including Google Glass have failed miserably

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                                • 17 Oct 2018

                                Cool spec sheet. Everything looks way cool.

                                Hope they can make it to fruition.

                                  That dual camera setup reminds me of the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D from 2011.

                                    Walter C. Dornez, 16 Oct 2018*Stranger Things theme song*
                                    Here you go. :D

                                      MrElectrifyer, 17 Oct 2018Already looking outdated for a 2018 phone with such humongo... moreThe Snapdragon 835. RED launched it with S835 (and it's not a typo, just look for the phone specs)

                                        sixtymes, 17 Oct 2018855 inside or go homeIt's 8150. Not 855. And it was ALREADY unveiled with 835. ^^;