Huawei unveils Watch GT and Band 3 Pro smart wearables

16 October 2018
The Huawei Watch GT offers up to 30 days of battery life.

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  • Mikey

davidtb823, 17 Oct 2018There's no money in smartwatches, like smartphones. Slow to... moreUnless we're talking about the iFools. They MUST buy a new one every year. And if there's a special edition color launched mid cycle they'll buy that too.

I believe some of you are confusing the arm bands with the smart watches. The specs showed in the links shared above are for the bands

There's no money in smartwatches, like smartphones. Slow to update, and people tend to keep watches a lot longer than phones.

  • 46 xy

Boss, help me...
I was waiting for this watch but hugely disappointed.
I want a smartwatch with sim slot.
Options are limited though.....
1.Huawei watch 2 lte
2.Lg watch urbane 2.
3.Is there any other watch with sim slot (not esim)???
I have not seen any of the watch i mentioned in real....
Which one should I go ?

  • Anonymous

If a smartwatch is not Wear OS and not Apple watch, its bad.

Limited App choice.

Dont take my word for it.. see the forums of such watches.. now and then you will get complains of .. cannot start whatsapp msg.. no skype support.. no third party apps. top 10 apps filled with fart apps / torchlight apps.

  • JsT

Yet another NON-wear smartwatch I'm not going to buy!
What is happening Google? Why big companies walking away?
I need smartwatch with Google Maps inside - non from Samsung and now non from Huawei?!?

ProJames, 16 Oct 2018Am I reading the specs of a smartwatch or of a feature phone?At this point, more a feature phone oriented to the sport with notifications and basic smartwatch features. In the style of some forerunners from Garmin. The problem is that now the premium Garmins come even with music at several ranges and they are even increasing the features in the smartwatch line, they have its own app store and sdk plus a a lot better battery duration, so each time that line is even more fine being a lot better in battery and specific features por training.

Well, i imagine that is better wait till read the manual and find a similar watch in features to compare it and see at what range of prices for example against the Garmin watches.

There are rumors of a Huawei Honor Watch, perhaps that one will be released with the Magic 2 and be the smartwatch so they spread the options and cover a bigger market. We will see...

What make me a bit angry too is that wathing the new Montblanc watch, the that the battery manage and duration is not as good as expected with the SD3100, understable, it's still a 28nm SoC... We need compare it with others upcoming watches with the SD3100 but the jump is smaller than i thought.

There is another rumor about a agreement between Qualcomm and a big sport one, Garmin? Polar? Puma? Nike? Adidas? Suunto? Which? For provide them SoCs. Could be that one the next step for fuse the best of both world? I doubt it, we need better arquitecture and smaller manufacture process

I'll wait till CES before decide my next watch and see what is released from traditional smartwatch brands but from Garmin, Suunto, Polar, etc, too.

Carl Key, 16 Oct 2018Even oriented to the sports area y i expected it to have mp... moreAm I reading the specs of a smartwatch or of a feature phone?

Carl Key, 16 Oct 2018Even oriented to the sports area y i expected it to have mp... moreSorry duplicate

Asphalt-nation, 16 Oct 201816mb ram excuse me what the f0ck R u sure they didn'... moreYes, those are from the official page. If that page is right, that are the memory specifications. If not they should correct them. But that is what they have published. Look yourself:

The HUAWEI Band 3 Pro has:
RAM 384 KB
Flash 16 MB

And the HUAWEI Band 3e:
384 KB RAM
1 MB Flash

Carl Key, 16 Oct 2018Even oriented to the sports area y i expected it to have mp... more16mb ram

excuse me what the f0ck

R u sure they didn't switched the specs with the Band 3 ?

Because this thing is gonna be laggy as hell

Even oriented to the sports area y i expected it to have mp3 player and storage space for music files. Sadly the memory is: Internal ROM 128 MB, internal RAM 16 MB.


The web:

I'll read the manual for the sport modes available and the reviews for the precision of the sensors, etc. If the OS is Huawei Lite OS, it has sdk, but not sure if will be libraries for the watch available or if the watch is locked.

I'll probably wait till CES at compare what is released till half of January. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

Huawei solves the main problem of smartwatches and people still complain, smh

  • AnonD-632062

Very interesting. If the battery life of the watch is as good as they proclaim, it might just shake the smartwatch industry.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018Ever heard of renders? Ever heard of live pictures.

  • john_doe

Samsung copycat, probably with stolen technology to prove they are the innovators.

  • Anonymous

Overlaps on texts are ridiculous indeed. We need to see how useful to reply to a message of 3rd party apps now.

  • Anonymous

Any cellular connectivity ? Like Huawei watch 2 lte ?

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 16 Oct 2018Cheap device with cheap OS. You can see the text overlappin... moreEver heard of renders?

Cheap device with cheap OS. You can see the text overlapping. And not centered either.