Lenovo S5 Pro and K5 Pro official with dual cameras, stereo speakers, large batteries

18 October 2018
Both are powered by Snapdragon 636 chipsets and both support fast charging. The S5 Pro has an infrared 3D face scanner on the front.

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What about Z5 Pro? Hurry up already :-)

    Superb and finally USB type C under $200

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      • 18 Oct 2018

      AnonD-632062, 18 Oct 2018Wow. These are AWESOME! Xiaomi Redmi and Realme, better be ... moreNow, that K5 Pro seems to be the closest to being the true successor of my Vibe K4 Note from 2016.

      No notch, check.
      Stereo speakers intact. Albeit side-firing this time.
      3.5mm jack intact.
      FHD+ screen with less bezels, check.
      SD636 (14 nm) replacing the old MTK (28 nm).
      Better main camera, on paper at least.
      23% larger battery!
      Much higher storage capacity, also more RAM.
      MicroSD slot intact. Albeit a hybrid one this time.

      Hopefully Lenovo will bring it here to my country sooner than later.

      P.S wish it was 2x telephoto second cam for better zooming, though.

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        • 18 Oct 2018

        Who in the world, with a sane mind in their head, buys Lenovo phones ?

          AnonD-632062, 18 Oct 2018Wow. These are AWESOME! Xiaomi Redmi and Realme, better be ... morelet's wait for the actual prices ....cause i have a feeling in europe it won't be that low...anyway, i found a mi max 3 at 262 usd with shipping included from italy warehouse, so even if lenovo stays at those prices, the max 3 offers more bang for the buck.

            AnonD-632062, 18 Oct 2018Wow. These are AWESOME! Xiaomi Redmi and Realme, better be ... moreThey have always provided great specs for the price. But their software is probably the worst among all Android skins, and their software support is, nothing short of pathetic (also the worst among Androids IMO).
            Customer service also equally bad. Like I always say, never fall into Lenovo's trap, seeing great specs for low price. The age old saying "If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is" fits perfectly for Lienovo (yup, I am not gonna stop calling them Lienovo :P)

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              • 18 Oct 2018

              Lenovo is actually releasing decent phones after the previous debacle! It can get back in the game :)

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                • 18 Oct 2018

                Wow. These are AWESOME! Xiaomi Redmi and Realme, better be worried, cause these offer superb bang for buck.

                The K5 Pro in black look great with no notch. A SD 636 for $145 is amazing. Good cameras, stereo speakers, 3.5 mm jack, 128 GB storage with expandable microSD card slot, cleaner ZUI software, 6GB RAM and a large 4,050mAh battery with 18W QuickCharge 3.0. Now that's why I call an all-round deal!

                Best part is that Lenovo kept their word from the teasers. Let's hope all the promises of the Z5 Pro will also be delivered.

                Great Lenovo, you have redeemed yourself. I'm going to stop calling you Lie-novo.
                MAKE LENOVO GREAT AGAIN!

                  At first I thought the Lenovo S5 Pro was the HONOR Play, or even other smartphones with the similarity of having a vertical dual camera position and a notch upfront, almost like what's there on the iPHONE X lmao, same goes to the Lenovo K5 Pro; though with no notch upfront, it looks like some current REDMI smartphone. Well, at least the Lenovo Watch S looks pretty nice