LG Watch W7 hands-on review

21 October 2018
A hybrid between a standard smartwatch and a mechanical watch with a promising battery that lacks an HR sensor.

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Anonymous, 23 Oct 2018Why? Because it's out of your price range?guess he was right, price dropped 200$

  • MarcioR

450? Christ, are there golden contacts? is the glass saphire at least? Android wear is still the old version.
I don't know but with those 450 bucks i would rather buy a brand new smartphone or another smartwatch with way more features and newers software and hardware.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2018LG never fail... ...to fail!Why? Because it's out of your price range?

  • Anonymous

Google Guy, 22 Oct 2018Effects of Cristal meth Crystal*

Learn to spell.

Lol why fail?? Because its so expensive? Then pass it to buy the cheap brand ok

  • Google Guy

Effects of Cristal meth

This should not have been branded LG.
It has the kind of limited specs one would expect from a designhouse smart-watch. Powered by LG in small text, at most, and perhaps only on the back.

As an LG watch, I hope it fails.
They should have been able to get this right.

Just why LG?
Look at specs and price... insane!

  • vijay

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2018LG never fail... ...to fail!U made my day lol

  • Anonymous

LG never fail...

...to fail!

I believe LG is preparing for closing shop.

  • AnonD-632062

Interesting design.

Whoever made this was on drugs.

  • Anonymous

Nice watch, QC 3100 no need, QC Again, it goes on to give it to the manufacturers