BlackBerry London leaks out in a single picture, raises questions

14 November, 2011
The device reportedly packs a solid spec sheet and a spanking new OS. Aims to turn RIM's fortunes around.

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  • AnonD-12395

Hm, they better have Phoenix abilities with what I read. May not help.

Robert Lichota

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12237, 15 Nov 2011Nokia and RIM are never outdated. Everytime there's a new l... morewhich is why android 4.0 is being release to fix fragmentation.

Just because os does not match doesnt mean its outdated. Android os can easily be updated to most current via custom rom and rooting.

Get your facts straight.

  • Jk

MI, 16 Nov 2011Does RIM ever think of introducing a dual camera!! Though i... moreThe article says that there is a 2MP front-facing camera apart from the 8MP at the rear.

  • Rat

HTC Zeta alone will kick those specs into touch over 6 months prior to release. As others have already said - too little, too late


You want a Smartphone or a Super Computer Phone?Even if 2 0r 3 GHz phones comes into existance, are you going to run C,C++ or Java in it or are you going to use it as a Server? Why do u need a phone which have specs that a ALIENWARE or other High End Laptops have? Are you and will you be really be able to squeeze all the juice it could give out of it??

  • Vißes6

MI, 16 Nov 2011Does RIM ever think of introducing a dual camera!! Though i... morethe one in the picture has a frontal camera...

  • MI

Does RIM ever think of introducing a dual camera!! Though i have been a BB user for years, a lot of us are thinking of switching to other phones as a frontal camera for most corporate users is now becoming mandatory. I pray RIM considers introducing this now basic feature for business users.

  • meh

this phone is a Porsche model

  • Blackberry_User

Q3 2012 for that phone!?!? are they crazy, 1.5Ghz an 1GB Ram wont compite with others that are offering that right now. When they launch that, other brands will be talking about 3Ghz and 2 or 3GB ram with 14MP cameras. Blackberry is going down unless they do something really bold.

  • BKP

Q3 next year? Man will you guys survive till then.......
iPhone 5, Samsung & HTC next flagship phone with quad core will be floating in the market. Nokia is coming up strong with window phone. Wake up, ur downfall is only you to be blamed. Should have woke up 4 years back and now you say it will take you another 9 months. Boy you are gone case. We all were given iPhone 3S and dumped Blackberry by our Bank years back. Think of this that my company a multinational European bank with Thousands of excutive suddenly switched to iPhone. some of us still have the old blackberry as momento to show our kids. You ditched us, thought you are paid the price. We are not just dumb boring no life executives, if we can dump window so can dump you. you wake up too late and will take you ages to pickup (if ever you can. Look at what happened to Window phones. Don't take us for granted be it iPhone, Andriod, blackberry or Window. The Marraige can only last between you and us if there is fire & passion in it. For now you are just Divorced.

  • MyName

Oh man....
If this phone was out for X-mas, I would most definitely buy it for myself. But since we're talking about Q3 2012, I just don't know...

If we're talking about Q3 2012, then RIM should release it with a doc with HDMI, VGA, 3 - USBs, and more important - stuff it with Mozilla Firefox and Final Draft. Then it will have everytning I need.

  • tiripiti

Looks like an 80's device = oldy!!!

  • Frankie

This thing looks like the no keyboard version of the Porsche design BlackBerry.

  • AnonD-6077

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2011GSM ARENA please will stop telling us to take each rumored ... moreRumour has it that it's part of GSM Arena's new policy.. but take that with a pinch of salt!


  • Anonymous

Rossi, 15 Nov 2011100% agreeditto

  • Rossi

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2011Not that i usually like Blackberrys overpriced junk, but to... more100% agree

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I see that money can't buy you humour..

  • Brandon

now blackberry just remember to put a HUGE battery into this device alright?! because its all good with dual core but a good battery is also needed

  • Anonymous

Q3 of 2012 ???? Its a long time...

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever from Blackberry! I like it very much!