The iPhone XS Max crushes the Google Pixel 3 XL in a speed test

23 October 2018
But there's more to it than it meets the eye.

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Duel83, 23 Oct 2018There's no need to send any videos, i've seen plenty. If you ope... moreIt's not about the small apps opening and most of the speed tests don't have a human error, yet, PhoneBuff's method is better but that was not what I was talking about.
What I was talking about was that iPhone also got reloaded in the ram management test­index=6&list=LLfqRwWbdxQFgoem7S3zBrDQ

So either Iphone's ram management isn't good and was reloading like the XZ3 but the XZ3 was more so it means heavy work on the software side should happen rather than going with high rams who doesn't making any difference whether it was Android or iOS and if we say one OS needs the high ram, then the other OS needs that too.

I dont care.
Android will still be better OS for me, because, it can do everything (I am advanced user).
IOS is for people who are basic phone users (texting, chatting, social media, browsing, gaming).

I just prefer Android's openness, customizability over iOS, which has only better performance.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2018If it won, you would say "LOOOOL iPhone XS Max 1000 dollars stil... moreThat might be your way of thinking. Not mine. I am more than happy with a fast zippy chip set that delivers my day to day needs. Just because a certain phone, regardless of make has a rocket inside, is of little consequence at these levels. To me it would be like having a V8 revving its guts out in the city but not going anywhere very meaningful. It's a first world problem really. Just be happy the cool funky phone as your daily driver of your choice. Too many people hang on for that little extra Edge when day today navigation and general phone use on current chipsets in the high levels do a fantastic job.. I'm more interested in the 7mm for longevity and coolness. I'm going to change my reliable 616 chip phone for something else this year so keeping an open mind for a wise investment and not fads.

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Even midrange Huawei phones have 6gb of ram looool

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Aslipundit, 24 Oct 2018What the hell are you running on your phone that needs 6 plus GB... moreI have two gig and no lag... so I definitely agree. And I don`t use several apps at the same time in phone... why should I? I have a PC with 32gb memory for multitasking, a mouse and keyboard and big screen to see all those programs at the same time. In phone screen even one app is hard fit... several... maybe a 8” phaplet can handle two apps in the same screen...

Vegetaholic, 24 Oct 2018iphone has fastest chipset in a world, and iPhone has optimised ... moreAll RAM control is optimised but optimised in a different way you can't SH!T TALK others if they have a different vision how they should handle background apps so the term better is subjective yes if Google wanted to accomplish what Apple wants that's to keep as much as possible background apps open then yes it is a failure but otherwise you can't trash talk if thats not even what they wanted

iphone has fastest chipset in a world, and iPhone has optimised RAM control, Google, does not have either, to be honest Pixel phones offer more emberresment for that price than some value.

Well theese "speed tests" are vety much flawed and dpn't get me wrong I'm not defending the Pixel I know that the A12 is supperior to the Snapdragon 845 but these test are flawed for many reasons:

•they are testing app loading times in which the CPU/GPU they have nothing to do with just opening apps it's like you have a desktop PC with an I9 9900X and an I3 8100 but both PC's have the same SSD and you go open chrome or a game like lets say GTA V guess what there won't be a difference in the speed which the app/program opens even tho the I9 beats the I3 in every single way and there won't be a difference because you are basically testing the storage you are testing the SSD and how quickly it can load/transfer a file to RAM.
•Cross platform apps are not the same yes they have the same name but there is a very high chance let's say Snapchat for Android and Snapchat for IOS were developed by 2 different teams and sometimes a company even hires someone outside the conpany(a 3rd party company) to develop the app for the other OS so basically the app has the same name and is published by the same company and has the same feautures(usually but sometimes you can see that 1 platform gets new feautures way before the other but that varies from app to app) but are coded in a different language and probably by different people
•the last thing I wan't to point out is the RAM managment round first of all when are you gonna use 10 apps at a time OEM's don't count on that usually people use 3 apps at once maybe 4 and usually those are light apps so my point is the "RAM" round is unrealistic. And my second thing is that every OEM has a different way of going about this some mostly chinese companies have aggresive managment to perserve battery life and close the apps quickly or have a limit of how many apps can be opened at once even if there is enough RAM left to store more apps. And then some try to use up all the RAM and store as many things as possible in it but at a cost...the battery life so yeah these speed tests will always be flawed even if you are comparing Android to Android or IOS to IOS

abia, 24 Oct 2018Get the FACT right, dude. Here you can see Mate 20 Pro is an ov... moreI don't know why, but I am really SURE that video has been edited (POCO vs XS MAX).
When I first watched it about 2-3 weeks ago, the POCOPHONE really demolished the Iphone XS Max in speed test.

PS. It's not about build quality here as the POCO cost only 1/4 the XS Max, but you can see that in some real life performance, SYNTHETIC benchmark is nothing.

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2018Lol. People like u are worst. How you can compare a Chinese prod... moreGet the FACT right, dude.
Here you can see Mate 20 Pro is an overall winner over XS Max in speed test.

And the sad thing is even a POCOPHONE win over Iphone XS Max, too (by XEETECHCARE Channel).
You want me to provide the link or you want to search it by yourself?
For your convenient, I give you the link :)
iPhone XS MAX vs POCOPHONE F1 - Speed Test! (Shocking)

"iPhone XS MAX vs POCOPHONE F1 Speed test. 1200$ vs 300$ Shocking Speed test. Xiaomi Pocophone F1 vs iPhone XS max speed comparison including apps opening, browsing, multitasking & more."

Btw, is Huawei Mate 20/20X/PRO not PREMIUM phone?

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Apple is so ahead of the competition it's not even funny anymore.

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johny328i, 23 Oct 2018and Mate 20 Pro destroys every iPhone out now.Lol. People like u are worst. How you can compare a Chinese product with premium product.?
I can't stop laughing..

Google+Pixel= rubbish. Google should stick to being the best search engine and dump everything else. Especially Android. Lacks optimization and terrible RAM management.

Aslipundit, 24 Oct 2018What the hell are you running on your phone that needs 6 plus GB... moreIf Android was like Windows this would be true.

However Android is much different.

The operating system itself runs on a virtual machine, instead of having apps optimized for its specific components.

This means that a lot of possible optimizations are lost and the system requires faster CPU and more RAM to do the same thing that other systems do fine with less.

And that is also the reason Iphones always felt more responsive than android even back in the past when Droids had similar or better hardware.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2018Heh serves them right! Why can't they just understand that they'... moreWhat the hell are you running on your phone that needs 6 plus GB RAM to run properly? Are you running CAD or something on your phone?

4 GB is perfectly fine for a flagship phone and is very usable with proper optimizations. 8 GB is way overkill and not needed for 99.9% of use cases. The OS allows only X number of apps in the RAM even if it has 16 GB RAM, check the Oneplus phones memory performance on the 6 GB and 8 GB models.

2 GB is enough to run android smoothly. 3 GB is very usable. 4GB is good enough for a vast majority of users. 8 GB/10 GB is just marketing with no real advantages.

PeterThePanda, 24 Oct 2018Nah. Kirin 980 can't even beat last years A11 Bionic. Worse, eve... moreThats on benchmark. What that guy means are real world speed test, which both Iphone XS & Mate 20 are comparable. -

Anddd of course XS got way more powerful GPU.

Note7 owner, 24 Oct 2018So what are the benefits of having more RAM and better specs whe... moreThe specs are better on the IPhone.
RAM is the same.

Of course the IPhone is faster.

johny328i, 23 Oct 2018and Mate 20 Pro destroys every iPhone out now.Nah. Kirin 980 can't even beat last years A11 Bionic. Worse, even if its on the 7nm process, it's only slightly faster (assuming they didn't benchmarks, but we can't blame people if they think Huawei still cheats) than the Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 which are still on the 10nm process. If the Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820 get released, they'll definitely trash and crush the Kirin 980. Huawei way overhyped the Kirin 980, all hype that it's faster than A12 Bionic but can't even breach 10,000 multicore score on Geekbench.

WTF 7nm Vs 10nm.. it should be 7nm Vs 7nm.. Iphone Xs duo vs Huawei Mate 20/20 Pro & 20x... Than is legit..

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johny328i, 23 Oct 2018and Mate 20 Pro destroys every iPhone out now.and Mate 20 Pro is like the Hennessy GT Venom, all talk and not even released yet in the wild