Nokia N810 internet tablet

17 Oct, 2007
The long expected successor of Nokia N800 internet tablet - Nokia N810 made its first official appearance today. It was announced today by the Finnish company at the Web 2.0 Summit 2007 event in San...

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  • Nokia N810
  • uAi
  • 28 Feb 2011

The Nokia N810 is great phone,the internet browsing delivers computer-like experience and viewing pages at faster speed is really a good experience.

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    • AnonD-1589
    • uAi
    • 14 Feb 2011

    I got Nokia n810 as my birthday gift. I was impressed when I just looked at it. This is a cool phone with metal & glass in a small footprint. It is kind of mini laptop with almost all applications, I just love this phone.

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      • AnonD-1589
      • uAi
      • 14 Feb 2011

      Nice phone! Nokia always strive to improve the design with each iteration of Internet Tablet and Nokia n810 too follow the suite.

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        • kyekatastrophy
        • Px$
        • 27 Jun 2010

        ive got one for my birthday recently, i love it.
        its a lynix, which is renoun for being extremly stable (some say more stable than windows 7). also it has firefox, now one of the biggest non defult web browser, whats also nice is that you dont have to use it, you can download other browsers.

        you can also keep multipul windows open at the same time.

        what is a pitty is the camera i must say, it cannot be refered at the best.

        but considering this device is 3 years old, its very good, i would like it more if it has N wireless wifi /:

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          • Anil
          • u1t
          • 03 Jun 2010

          Got this toooooooo Slow

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            • Ady
            • PS6
            • 21 May 2010

            Hi... This N810i got sim card slot???

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              • shopi
              • uNV
              • 30 Apr 2009

              i think nokia will double the price if phone part is included.

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                • 21stcenturytechnosap
                • kAV
                • 24 Aug 2008

                As the proud owner of the legacy N770 for all those individuals looking to use the device as a phone I would recommend using Gizmo5, a VoIP software that works nicely on the N770 and is compatiable with the N800 and N810. Gizmo5 utilizes the wireless connection to make calls and for most users, if you are at work or home that covers a majority of the connection you need to make call. If you are going to be in your local city there are many places that have wireless access and I have found that the connection at the Airport, Hotel or local eatery has wireless access that provides the clarity to make a call where the person on the other end will not even know you are using the Internet Tablet. For those who live in a city where wireless access is being developed to create a Metropolitan Area Network, the ability to make calls using Gizmo 5 will probably be equivalent to WiMax presently since it is still not nationally available in all cities within the United States. The cost for Gizmo5 is $35.00/yr for a Call Out number and you can add increments of $10.00(for 500 minutes) or $20.00(for 1000) minutes. All incoming calls do not cost you minutes(only outgoing). The ability to set up call forwarding to your phone is also available, so when you are not within reach of an access point you can still have call sent to your cell phone instead of having to connect your phone via the bluetooth connection just to make sure you can get online.

                From an operating system standpoint, I think the use of Debian Linux through Maemo, was a good choice. I say this as a GNU/Linux user who enjoys being able to remote to his home system to get work done (and my only reason for needing the N810 is to have a comfortable keyboard which the N770 does no have). The built-in applications are great for e-mail, instant messaging and VoIP for friends and family who utiilze the services offered on the device for someone who really prefers keeping their e-mail on the device. While a demand for a 2.5/3G edition for users of ATT, T-Mobile or other GSM networks will result in a new edition for users of these carriers, I think the choice of the WiMax edition is based on driving an innovative technology(the N810) and service(WiMax) that may surpass the speeds of current GSM and EV-DO networks, but also has many industry names that have invested in service and the development of products that we have yet to see today.

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                  • Gikonyo Maarifa Keny
                  • N7D
                  • 03 May 2008

                  The n810 is another great achievement from Nokia. Please add phone functionality on your future models and use windows os instead coz it supports many applications.

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                    • HND
                    • v5x
                    • 09 Feb 2008

                    Nokia needs one more steep to beat i phone...just put SIM slot in N810. I do not know why Nokia tries to neglect it. Come on..Keep that in mind, N810 will be great device if it has a function as a phone. I am waiting the new one.

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                      • ZAK
                      • RKe
                      • 17 Dec 2007

                      Hey all people think about this mobile as not a phone... Simple think in this way you will feel proude to be a owner of N810...

                      1) Compare this device with iPod
                      * Buletooth
                      * Great Resulution
                      * Large Screen Size(For better display)
                      * Smart Lighting sensor(Automatically controls the light flow in Keypad)
                      * Professional touch
                      * A stand for floating the dispaly to view the video comfertably
                      * More battery life
                      * Costs less
                      * Supports Flash Games
                      * Touch Screen
                      * OS in-built
                      * Web Browser

                      Common guys....
                      i can understand your feelings expecting to be a phone in addition to the Tablet good idea.. But sa previous versions of N8XX has no Sim Card option then why to expect this function ?

                      In fact even i was been expecting a phone call feature but dissappointed,,,, later on once i got this one, i was really impressed seems like iam having a mini home theater in my pocket ;)

                      So Grab you copy now!!!

                      Thanks & Regards,

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                        • Mark S Clair
                        • xi4
                        • 11 Dec 2007

                        Linux device with WiFi, GPS, open platform, excellent (supposed) audio/video mouth was watering until I saw 'no phone'

                        Come on Nokia... a device from Nokia and not a phone ? No good.

                          • v
                          • vince
                          • Pb6
                          • 20 Nov 2007

                          wats happening to nokia,.,. you almost had the iphone beat with the n810 then you forgot to add the sim card slot,., come on now, you guys are supposed to be the coolest phone makers,, so i will wait for the n820.,., hopefully will come with a sim slot,, and pliz make it slimmer

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • Y79
                            • 26 Oct 2007

                            i was so exited at the first time because i thought Ive found my partner but when i found it out is not a phone it makin me so sad...
                            do like what you said the nokia 810 is all in one???

                              • w
                              • willstay
                              • Px0
                              • 21 Oct 2007

                              I think its a half done device. Whats use of an Internet tablet when it needs nearby wifi or a phone with btooth to pair for net connectivity? Slightly larger UMPC serves MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) for browsing and real Word, Excel than emulated verion of those in Nokia platform which are always missing one or the other feature. Nokia browser (taking reference to E61) is complete but I wouldn't trade with MSIE if other parameter like buit-in support for GPRS/3G net connectivity are absent. Ironically, posting this message from E61.

                                • M
                                • Mohammed
                                • SeQ
                                • 20 Oct 2007

                                I always thot Nokia were one of d best phone makers,but after after lukin @ d N800 & N810 it seems as if dey don want their customers to have wat dey want,dat is a complete phone...m personally disappointed.

                                  • d
                                  • dmk
                                  • pu0
                                  • 20 Oct 2007

                                  It's too bad it doesn't have oonly on screen keyboard as n800
                                  and GSM feature :-(

                                    • j
                                    • jamie
                                    • TIE
                                    • 20 Oct 2007

                                    i feel a bit sad as i just bought the nokia n800 and now there is a better n810 :( the nokia internet tablet is really a useful device i carry it along with me wherever i go and im having alot of fun using it i can surf net,listen to music,chat on skype, chat on msn, play games, watch videos and etc.... it is almost as good as a laptop. But why must the nokia n810 come out so fast :(

                                      • A
                                      • Ahmed Al-Taiee
                                      • n4%
                                      • 19 Oct 2007

                                      I'm so exciting to buy it even it reaches 2000$ price.Note:Be aware that ur life will be in risk if u pick it up in Baghdad's streets!!!!

                                        • A
                                        • Ali
                                        • jJV
                                        • 19 Oct 2007

                                        wow its my fvrt Set i like so much we waitng when come market we buy it is best for internest use.