Reuters: the OnePlus 6T is coming to the US with backing from T-Mobile and Qualcomm

29 October 2018
While other Chinese mobile brands have been booted for the US, OnePlus is getting the red carpet treatment.

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  • Anonymous

Ahh it's no wonder the chipset designer is publically backing OnePlus, they're their third largest customer lol

As I said earlier Apple and Qualcomm are the ones responsible about the ban of the Chinese OEMs for being too famous and could kill the competition.
Now Qualcomm wants to use Oneplus as their chip runs in it and can use that against Apple whom they're have a dispute and trials.
I also said that the Chinese companies are not the only spying. Apple and Qualcomm spy and want to spy on the whole world and get their money.
Again, the only reason that there is a ban on the Chinese companies is that they are too famous and will the competition in the US, a) in their smartphones who are cheaper than the iPhone and b) in their own designed chips

I wish at least they used Sony's phones and promote them more because they're great phones and can be exchanged with the Chinese phones since Sony phones isn't that popular but I think in the same time they got afraid from Sony on what they can do since they're a big company in the US so they didn't want to add Sony's phone on the country since they have Music and Movies enough in their plate and since Sony got the EMI music distributor

  • Anonymous

If this is true, it just shows the real meaning for why Huawei was banned.

Huawei uses Kirin chips which have to backdoor for the US to spy on their population... and Huawei refuses to add one so they are not allowed to sell in carriers.

OnePlus on the other hand uses Snapdragon chips which have backdoors in for the NSA but are still allowed to sell their phones.... even after OnePlus has been caught red handed doing dodgy stuff and sending data to random servers.

Huawei on the other hand hasnt had no major security breaches and are one of the securist phone makers out there.... they are even checked and watched on the UK and they havent found anything suspicious.

Double standards much...

  • Noel

All seems good with this phone..i like almost everything about it. My main concern is the elongated 19.5:9 aspect ratio. First of, i dislike the 18:9AR and now we are dealing with 19.5:9AR..even more skinny and elongated.
Please OEMs, can we just get a true bazeless full view screen phone with 16:9AR or 17:9AR, all top specs, good camera and a huge 4000+mAh battery???? Not much to as ask. And please no curved screen but 2.5D glass ok.

  • Mel

Hope they retain dual support because once network carrier carry any oem in u.s they do not want dual sim here because they cannot locked the phone.

Will be interesting if Oneplus manages to sell through carrier as Huawei and ZTE were not allowed due to security reasons and Oneplus has been caught with those atleast twice while Huawei and ZTE have'nt

  • inkspill

Great! Now when can we expect them to be available at tmobile stores lol