Google Pay arrives in Scandinavia

30 October 2018
Banks and cards in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are now supported.

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Adul Al Salami Kebab, 31 Oct 2018Oh wow DNB skipped it just like Apple Pay! :DOf course, they had to.

The thing is, DNB can easily make Vipps work with NFC on android, and just as well also open for google pay for their customers - giving them a choice. This will make Vipps better on Android then on ios, and that is a big no no.

You see, DNB is also an "apple bank", and they have always favoured apple ios over android in their app development - even now when they know that they will not get access to the NFC in iphone. And if they block apple pay as a result, then they must block google pay as well. Making sure not to give android phones any benefit over iphones.

From a consumer standpoint, Vipps is much better than Google and Apple Pay, as it support both Visa cards etc, but also the local standard bankaxept - which is much better and cheaper for the stores to use by far. If you shop for 1000 NOK, then Visa takes about 20 NOK from the store, Amex about 30 NOK, but bankaxpept only takes 0.2 NOK. You can be sure this will eventually result in higher prices if people stop using bankaxept and only Visa etc.

If only DNB can get that crappy "apple first" process out of their heads and enable NFC payments on android through Vipps. Cause honestly, why would anyone use google pay then? Iphone users don't get a choice, apple abuses their power over HW control, locking everyone else out. I feel bad for their customers.

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    • 31 Oct 2018

    Sweden has "Swish", a mobile app for both iOS and Android that pays directly from your bank account to the seller, no middle hands.

    I don't see how Google Pay or any of the alternatives could replace it. And I don't think they should... keep the spying companies out of your payment systems.

      In Finland, the only supported bank for now is Nordea, personal and company Visa/Mastercards.
      Danske Bank announced it'd be avaiöable on a later date.

      A digital bank called Revolut as well as the work benefit (lunch coupons, gym cards) service Edenred are also included.

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        • 31 Oct 2018

        Oh wow DNB skipped it just like Apple Pay! :D

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          • 30 Oct 2018

          Edenred is not a bank! Provides financial services (in form of lunch card by employers), yes but definitely not classified as a bank.

          Same goes to Sodexo Pass in Sweden.

            Danske Bank Finland says today it will also support Google Pay in few months.