FlexPai is the world's first foldable phone, first with Snapdragon 8150 too

31 October 2018
"Phone" isn't the right word for it, the screen grows to 7.8" (4:3) when unfolded.

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  • houli

FreezeGame, 01 Nov 2018First means nothing, especially when it functions/looks as ... moreRoyole has sold almost a million devices and now stock is delayed up to 90 days. Ya, big failure I'd say.

  • houli

I used to like coming on GSMARENA to look at devices and on occasion read the posts, however I will stop reading reviews now. All it is now is people spewing BS about devices that they have never tried or owned. Basically a bunch of know it nothings.

SugaTWDragon, 14 Nov 2018I don't see how a less-known company can build a foldable p... moreWell since now the only foldable phone is existence was made like 7 years ago by kryocera.
This is nothing.
A true foldable phone would bend into something really small at anywhere within the phone.
But folding a phone into half is not trully foldable phone.

CptPower, 31 Oct 2018Or a LOT worse. Unknown company is asking 1300 so Samsung... moreI don't see how a less-known company can build a foldable phone would be better than a company that is known for their foldable AMOLED panels

Smooth. This is the beginning so no need to trash this company. If it had been another company with a more popular name (Apple, OnePlus) it would have been another story....

  • mikelangelo2018

In which reality this is a phone and not a tablet

  • random

Qualcomm SANPdragon?? (slide in presentation).

Now I'm just waiting this to hit the market and also for Samsung, Huawei and eventually Apple to launch their products aswell.
I am hoping for this to take off because that would mean significant price drops for "standard" smartphone devices.
At the other hand I am scared that then all major players won't really invest into standard smartphones anymore and that they all will be low spec devices out of main focus...

  • s-pen pusher

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 02 Nov 2018soo , its ok oppo remove jack , its not ok apple remove jac... moreso, you are saying it's ok then for apple to remove the 3.5mm port so they can sell your their air buds, but not ok for android oems to remove the same port and not sell you a bluetooth headset (hell, some of them even already include a bluetooth headset in the package)? basically that means it is okay for apple to bleed you more for money but not android oems.

let's go back to the argument raised by the previous person- this flexible oled is an innovation compared to the notches, which he wrongly associated to apple as to who started the notch trend. you defended apple saying "what about androids" that also have the notch. so, are you saying the notch is more of an innovation compared to this?

  • boom

wow that is much ugly design for a (at that price) flagship level.
you can do better than that surely yes no ?
as of now it's a no for me but all the best finding the right consumer base.

s-pen pusher, 02 Nov 2018hey, yeah, i blame essential indeed for whatever incarnatio... moresoo , its ok oppo remove jack , its not ok apple remove jack ... ?

apple also give reason they remove jack because they want their costumer go to wireless (yeah its about money , we already know ) , then most android also remove the jack .. what the reason ? still no room for it or because apple did it so ...

  • s-pen pusher

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 01 Nov 2018then , blame essential for starting the notch .... same goe... morehey, yeah, i blame essential indeed for whatever incarnation of the notch. yes, an android- the oppo r5 in 2014, i think was the first to ditch the headphone jack. well, oppo had a reason though for dropping the jack- there was no room in the r5's 4.5mm thin body, while the iphones that dropped the jack (from iphone 7) found to still have room for it. i was just correcting the person.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2018Be gentle with you phone and no protection will be required... moreFirst of all, that is stupid. And second of all, that is still stupid. I mean, I hope you are a true man of your word and following that attitude you don't use seat belts either.

  • Hmm

Wow kudos to them, I wish them all the best and looking forwards to seeing this develop.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2018What's the use of foldable phonesThe concept - a phone and tablet in one - with a /good implementation/ (i.e. NOT this phone) is extremely attractive to me. A compact frame while out and about, but a much larger screen when convenient. I hate the hand-straining phones of today; maybe these will spark a reversal of the trend and a return to more sanely-sized devices.

acemang, 01 Nov 2018foldable stuff is not a new concept..only for not informed ... moreI know about those concepts. My point is is that the tech might be old, but we haven't seen a true consumer grade foldable phone yet. All I'm saying is give it a chance.

Luxor, 01 Nov 2018Like smartwatch and VR. Existed for a long time. Seriously,... moreYeah, thankfully. Hopefully, the prices go down enough to hit general consumer market

  • Anonymous

So many complaint when elementary kid can do high school math level.
Just let it be. See what they can do with the actual product.

unknown , 01 Nov 2018reading comments it hurts my brain.. you nabs understand th... moreNowadays kids rule the Intenet man... Can't stop them.,

First means nothing, especially when it functions/looks as horrible as this! Ha ha! The only foldable device that matters is the one coming from Samsung.

Royole has only proven how abysmal their products are, and why the FlexPai will be a huge failure. Lol!