LG G7 Fit will be available in Europe, Asia and other regions this week

07 November 2018
It's a bridge between the G7 ThinQ flagship and mid-range phones. It has a bright QHD+ display, 32-bit Quad DAC and a rugged build.

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  • 11 Nov 2018

We want more and quick updates. G7 fit is totally wrong. People are not buying G7 because of 4gb ram and 64 fb storage (no g7 plus in Turkey). No news of android 9 on G7 or v40...

    I supposed there's also lack of Boombox feature as a cheap trade-off ? Trademark of LG G7 Thinq

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      • Anonymous
      • 7st
      • 07 Nov 2018

      Good luck seeing this get an OS update.

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        • SHp
        • 07 Nov 2018

        Another stupid choise in the LG mobile shitshow. Sd710 is consistently benchmarking higher than sd 821 and is consistently more power efficient and cheaper. So either they are using refurbished G6 CPUs or they are plain stupid. Either way anyone who.knows anything about mobile cpus would pass. Smells like a cashgrab and i dont like it. Or maybe its just my prejudice toward LG.

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          • 8uS
          • 07 Nov 2018

          LG earlier this year: "G7 One will be offered at an exceptional price" (they literally said this)

          LG G7 ThinQ was available several months ago already for 630$.

          LG decided to price G7 One (class worse phone, worse camera, old gen processor) for 600$.

          I kinda like this device despite the f/2,2 aperture, but seeing what a mess they made with the G7 One pricing I have absolutely zero expections from it. Maybe, and I say maybe, if they priced it at around 300$, maybe some people would trade worse camera and a hundred leages worse CPU for a better screen and durability compared to Poco F1, but LG is simply going to price it at $400 or more and then wonder why nobody is buying it.

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            • N9Y
            • 07 Nov 2018

            LG is confused

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              • tDQ
              • 07 Nov 2018

              Why G7 Fit When the One version is better in spec and software department?

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                • MarcioR
                • ix9
                • 07 Nov 2018

                500 euros would be a fair price. Anything higher than that would be a disappointment since the oneplus 6T would be a better choice, if priced higher

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                  • hahahalg
                  • fFA
                  • 07 Nov 2018

                  this device just like LG reintroduce the G6 with a notch & same SoC. . for me, it should be price slightly below the current price of G6 or else it already DOA.

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                    • Zero
                    • Ksa
                    • 07 Nov 2018

                    Price it at least to USD 450 and you will have TONS of people buying it like crazy.

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                      • Siput
                      • XPI
                      • 07 Nov 2018

                      Hmm to late

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                        • KS7
                        • 07 Nov 2018

                        Arvind7955, 07 Nov 2018Launch this at 16,000 instead of the crap Q7predicting ; it will arnd 25-30k atleast . under 20k ...i don't see lg pricing it anyway close to it

                          Launch this at 16,000 instead of the crap Q7

                            Not too bad of a device. Better price it correctly