LG Q9 front panel leaks in first press render

09 November 2018
The Q series is also up for a notch.

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  • Anonymous
  • JLy
  • 09 Nov 2018

If it has the same size of the G7 it could be great. But if it is something like 75mm larger next one LG

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    • ersn41
    • SiP
    • 09 Nov 2018

    old and bad design

      This looks so much like iPhone X and yet it's so far from being iPhone X...

      Needing to adjust the way you hold your phone during call is ridiculous...

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        • TB1
        • mEv
        • 09 Nov 2018

        LG please make microphone in the center!!!! Because if you wanna make call you put device near ear and microphone somewhere lost.... need to adjust holding position for making normally calls? c`mon.

          that notch is sooo 2018... oh wait