vivo X21s is official, it’s actually the vivo V11

09 November 2018
The phone has Snapdragon 660 chipset, 6 GB RAM and UD fingerprint scanner.

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  • 09 Nov 2018

this is the only notch design that I liked.

    Why is it so necessary toh have Type C, really?
    Yeah yeah it's tge latest standard, "modern" and it's reversible, but is that so big a deal? It's not that they adopt 3.0 standard while giving Type C on mid rangers, or even premium mid rangers. It's not that they are taking away the jack and still keeping micro usb (lol).
    It's very logical that if you are getting an otherwise great device, even for a higher price, which has micro usb, you should definitely get it. (Ps I am not claiming that this Vivo IS a great device)

      Sad to see a MICRO USB charging port, again. I mean, at least give a USB Type-C charging port at least, there should be more to come instead of just adding an "s" behind

        For the amount of money, one should get the lenovo Z5 pro or maybe add a few hundreds ( RMB ) for mi mix 3.