Samsung Galaxy J4 Core goes official with big 6-inch display and 3,300mAh battery

09 November 2018
It's the company's second Android Go-powered smartphone this year.

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Sorry for this question but I havent used any Android GO phones,

Do you think that this phone would be able to atleast play 1 game? Like for Example, DragonNest Mobile ( this game runs very well with Samsung J7 2015 with just 1.5GB Ram).

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And btw question for GSMarena. On your site in specs sheet it says this model has SD425 (28nm), but in the article you said it's Exynos 7570 (14nm).
So, which is it?

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BUT... do you know what Android Go is?
It's not a regular OS from Google so please stop comparing it with it. Just use the google and find the right answers before you start bashing device.
I am not a fan of this brand or product, but when I see so many ignorant comments about having only 1GB RAM in 2019, I have a need to share my "wisdom" about Android Go, OS on this device.

  • Anonymous

Androids minimum ram shud be 2gb

  • Anonymous

1GB ram? 2GB ram is barely enough now.

  • Anonymous

I tried one of these go phones! awful laggy! went back to Samsung 2 gig ram. Its the apps themselves stripped back id rather get updates

  • Anonymous

Nicknam, 10 Nov 2018What a $hitty device. Anything other is better and cheaper. Onl... moreMost people who buys phones Are not techliterated... They will buy these a lot. Samsung still has very big market share! They don`t read these Pages. They go to the phone shop and ask how much that cost. And walk out from the shop with these kinds of phones because They Are cheap and They Are Samsung. Why do you think that people buy iPhones? Because They Are good valua? Noup... They buy these phones because of brand!

  • Anonymous

too cheap i wont buy it i like overpriced stuff so i can show my friends who has the money
i wish they can make same phone but with 0.5GB ram dual core A7 and double price that would be amazing device

Gooddd Sammy really making surprise every day now and not the good ones.
This phone is what it is, but look the price... Holy cowcake, what are this firm thinking on, no wonder Sammy not selling so many phones anymore.
If Sammy want to stay as no. 1 on the top, Sammy need to look at the sky high Alpple looking prices he have or he will go down for sure.

What a $hitty device. Anything other is better and cheaper. Only people without any tech knowledge would buy this. You only pay high price for Samsung logo. I recommend anyone to buy Xiaomi/Redmi phone instead.

It is 2018/2019 year, and what is 1GB RAM phone doing now? This is Galaxy S3 with updated OS.

Please people, don't be stupid to buy this. It will cost 200$, and you will get useless phone.

Kiyasuriin, 10 Nov 2018It's ANDROID GO. it's meant to be for low end devices such as th... more"Android Go" is just a marketing term for entry-level phones with better optimization for low-end hardware. It doesn't mean anything to the users. 1GB of RAM will not be enough for any modern smartphone. It will run fine out of the box but as soon as you install a few basic apps, it will start lagging.

Being "Android Go" is no excuse for Samsung to launch a phone with insufficient amount of RAM. There are already a few "Android Go" smartphones with 2GB of RAM, which is a lot more tolerable.

Also, these "Android Go" smartphones cost $100 or above. For the same amount you can buy better specced phones from the likes of Xiaomi & Moto/Lenovo. Even LG launched such a phone for $100 called "LG Candy" which is a far more practical purchase than the Samsung J4 Core.

To be honest, this is too fancy for an Android Go Edition phone. Hahaha. Definitely the first 6 incher Android Go with big 3300 mah battery.

  • Anonymous

The price should be no more than $125.
But, Samsung will sell it for more than $200 at least.

Whackcar, 10 Nov 2018Terrible altogether. I can assure you for the same price you cou... moreIt's ANDROID GO. it's meant to be for low end devices such as this... smh.
IF IT WASN'T powered by Android go. I'd understand. ^^;
(Plus. Only now I've realized it's the FIRST PHABLET of android go!)

Terrible altogether. I can assure you for the same price you could find much better specced phones from Chinese brands. It's incredibly stupid to buy any smartphone with 1GB of RAM in 2018/2019.

  • Nexus commander

Android will Suffocate with 1GB RAM
And also the device is terrible

Maybe samsung used Lg made battery :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 20181GB ram? This phone will lagBut you need to understand this is Android Go which is meant for low-powered devices such as this, so it's not surprising to see 1GB RAM on Galaxy J4 Core.

Scamsung and their overpriced research and technology and then why we have to pay 150 euros for phone like J4 prime with laughable 1GB ram in 2019.
Its good they developing and researching but they should ask people what they want or what they buy.
Curved screens or full display finger print scanner or IRIS scanner isnt something people would like or use and its extra cost.
Just the iris scanner is like 50-100 euros more in price of device but how many of people using it???
I can honestly say a good fingerprint sensor is more than enough.

  • Anonymous

1GB ram? This phone will lag