Google Play User's Choice Awards: vote for your favorite app, game and movie

12 November 2018
Which was the best game you played in 2018? The app you used the most? Google wants to know.

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  • 15 Nov 2018

Best game Clash of Lord 2 for sure playing it for 4 years now.
According to guiness books of records its also a most played game from googlelay with a fan base of over 50 millions.
Best app MC Donalds for its coupons or Messenger.
Worst app. Facebook for sure. Tons of bloatware inside to read and laugh immediately after.
Worst second app Badoo, Sugar date etc. All this so called dating apps which are free to log n but then for sending messages chatting or anything else you have to pay a ot of money to use those apps because parat from profile setup everything else counts as a premium feature which must been paid.

    and as i guess, most of them are adware, unpolished Chinese apps, and trash...
    don't get me wrong, i've never used any Apple products, but i know that with the closed source and very strict filtering, their catalogues are mostly polished, productive, and designed in perfection, even without any design base.

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      • vxs
      • 13 Nov 2018

      We had it already here in the Philippines and have already voted like two weeks ago.

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        • amY
        • 12 Nov 2018

        quik editor is good

          voted from croatia app uc browser game armed heist

            Voted from India:
            App : Hotstar
            Game : PUBG Mobile

              Nope. doesn't work for Israel.

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                • snJ
                • 12 Nov 2018

                wow, the German list is kind of awful. supposedly those are trending apps, too... should've figured

                  EskeRahn, 12 Nov 2018For me too, I guess we are not in the included countries.Seems so. I had to go through a proxy just to get the screenshots (I tried the Netherlands, Germany and the US, all three worked).

                    ytheekshana, 12 Nov 2018link deadFor me too, I guess we are not in the included countries.

                      link dead