The Sharp Aquos R2 compact is the first dual-notch phone

15 November 2018
We're not mad, we're just disappointed. Actually, with a 120Hz HDR10 screen, Snapdragon 845 and Android 9.0 Pie, this isn't all bad.

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Love the Community, 15 Nov 2018Yup, that's the very origin of my username. Been here for 2... moreHeh, I’ve been here for less time than you and I got the same impression. People are waaay too biased here

  • Anonymous

double the piss

Well its sure is compact. I must say that the combo of the screen surrounding the finger print reader looks good. Nicer touch in some respects than having it below the screen. Kinda makes you feel like your touching the screen.

Noooo, die, die, die, quick burn it with fire before it spreads!

  • MrGrumpy

Ignore the screen size and look at the width. 64mm is the same as the XZ1 Compact so the R2 Compact looks great for a proper small phone.

Come on Sharp, bring it over to Europe!

  • Anonymous

shortkey, 15 Nov 2018There's nothing "Compact" about that phone.Maybe its dimensions?

131x64 is bigger than iPhone 5 but smaller than iPhone 8. Right around Xperia compact size.

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2018 moreHence the "almost" in my post....
The Sony one is the ONLY other phone sized device with flagship specs in 2018!

It is hard to even get FHD in a device not huger than 65mm wide

(The Sony is slightly larger in all dimensions and 25% heavier, with smaller display but 15% larger battery)

You have to go up to a 69mm phablet to find the next ones with modern high end chip...

From pioneering the bezelless trend to making the worst notched phone. I can say their sense of design is dull.

  • Anonymous

jeez, what a ugly design

shortkey, 15 Nov 2018There's nothing "Compact" about that phone.Well in my experience the limit on what most can hold in a secure one hand grip and interact with a thumb lies around 65mm. So I usually use that as the limit between a "phone" and a "phablet".
But as this model is quite long with slightly over 2:1 it might be difficult for some to reach the entire surface from ear to ear. At least it could require the need of shifting the phone in the hand.

So we are in the area between a large phone and a compact phablet...

When the Xperia Arc came out, it was ridiculed as absurdly huge, and impossible to operate by one hand - this one is actually slightly bigger, and that is compact in 2018

Why though? An absolute disgrace!!! :(

  • Anonymous

A 6 inch "compact" phone is coming soon

  • Anonymous

What in the flying f*ck Aquos? Is it seriously your goal to make the ugliest phone on the planet?! Well then congratulations, you've succeeded.

  • Anonymous

Nice device. I can swallow the notches in a phone with such dimensions, but the price is something which will force me to step back.

regs, 15 Nov 2018Now that a good attempt for a decent size phone, but still ... moreIt's not a phone for enthusiasts, stop batching.
I'm sure there are many people who'd happily rock this.

Now that a good attempt for a decent size phone, but still no.

Very poor camera and lack of wireless charging kill it all. I might don't care about the bottom notch, still, it's better to use underscreen sensor.

Just do it. It's a perfect size. Just add tripple camera of P20 Pro level, underscreen fingerprint scanner and wireless charging to R3 compact.

shortkey, 15 Nov 2018There's nothing "Compact" about that phone.What size IS compact then? IPhone SE?

  • shortkey

bbilt, 15 Nov 2018Love it. I will totally buy it if it comes to USA> final... more>4.7"+
Just no.

  • shortkey

There's nothing "Compact" about that phone.

  • Anonymous

Irfan, 15 Nov 2018Please make it for the world. Now we do not have this size ... moreLook up Sony compacts they have always been under 5 inch and latest one is 5inch screen.
And they have always been with the premium flagship hardware and price.

What world needs is to have more of these compact size but with middle class hardware