Honor Magic 2 teardown: a look at the triple camera and the slider mechanism

15 November 2018
Sliders are making a comeback and they don't require the complicated, bulky mechanisms of pop-up cameras.

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  • 17 Nov 2018

Although I prefer non-mechanical parts. Having a manual slider means less parts that could fail. Motorized parts usually fail faster than fingers ;)

    Ah, so they're still using the old mechanism. I remember my Xperia Mini Pro display dies after two years due to broken ribbon cable that costs 1/3 of the phone, so I decided to put it to rest instead and upgraded to a solid phone.

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      • The Good Shepherd
      • xja
      • 16 Nov 2018

      Whackcar, 16 Nov 2018Manual Sliders > Motorized Sliders In any case, good ... moreDon't believe everything you read on social media. Only time will tell you which is the best when it comes to such design. It is better to wait for the review of the first buyers.

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        • 16 Nov 2018

        manual sliders ftw

          Manual Sliders > Motorized Sliders

          In any case, good to see variety in phone designs again. It used to be like this a decade ago, then things got stale.

            Please review it Gsmarena

              i dont like ribon

                Huh, pretty interesting

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                  • 15 Nov 2018

                  Hopefully GSMarena will review it along with the Lenovo Z5 Pro