Leaked specs suggest LG Q9 is indeed LG G7 Fit

16 November 2018
The phone appeared on Google Android Enterprise with the same front render.

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  • 17 Nov 2018

TeleSPb, 16 Nov 2018I remember years ago when a friend had an LG G3 and it was ... moreThe G7 Fit hasn't launched yet so it's not an "old" model. Get your information straight.

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    • 16 Nov 2018

    The names they choose are as ridiculous as their mobile team

      ignoramus trashing the 821 have no clue. Better than mid range SD chips. This is a good phone for a mid-ranger.. with stock droid and 3.5 mm jack.....

        will be good with stock android and reasonable pricing. I would prefer the sd 821 over mid rangers like sd 660 as the GPU is much superior and CPU is about the same. The 821 still has far superior floating point and memory performance.

          I remember years ago when a friend had an LG G3 and it was one of the best phones of the time.
          Now LG has degradated to a point of no return, playing word games by giving new names for old releases?

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            • 16 Nov 2018

            Where's G7 One? The G7 One looks more promising than this 821 shit.

              LG is going out from Indonesia. The reason is same when LG in China. Good bye LG.

                Bring on the G8 and V50 already.

                  Q9 is probably more fitting name, as it is more mid range now.

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                    • 16 Nov 2018

                    LG Q9 in EU name, LG G7 fit in other city.