A few new press renders of the LG Q9 pop up

19 November 2018
The renders show more of the same - an LG G7 Fit rebadged under the Q moniker.

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Lol - for a second there I thought that Gsmarena editors accidentally used iPhone X photos, but it turns out that LG indeed has copied everything, including even the god damn font and placement of clock and date, let alone display shape and that stupid notch.

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    • gauron
    • Ej9
    • 20 Nov 2018

    Lg, I used to love your designs, you had high screen to body ratios before everyone else, but now you are just going with the flow -the flow of ugly designs unfortunately.

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      • T M
      • kM0
      • 19 Nov 2018

      I have no idea how LGs naming system works these days. What a mess.

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        • r31ya
        • wrh
        • 19 Nov 2018

        While the new SD6xx series processor may be as fast or even faster than SD821 processor, the gpu power difference are still massive between SD6xx's middle caste Adreno 509/510/512 to SD821's top caste 530.

        So yeah, using SD821 over the newer SD660 still have some merits

          Looks like all the other phones... Boring!