Cyan Nokia Lumia 800 hits Three UK

25 November, 2011
The cyan version of the WP smartphone just went on sale at the UK carrier Three.

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  • AnonD-31310

It's a great phone but don't buy it on Three. Go to Orange or Vodafone. They too are getting the Cyan colour and their customer service is nowhere near as bad as 3's. For whatever reason, 3 no longer believe in customer loyalty. I've been with them for over 5 years and they tried to offer me the same deal as any Tom, Dick or Harry who walked in off the street. There are no benefits to this network what-so-ever. They don't understand how to keep customers and they don't seem to care if you want to leave. That's why I left.

  • Anonymous

I also work for three, but agree that the network is amazing- price, speeds and coveraAge! Far more superior than others such as orange or voda, even In rural areas!,

  • AnonD-11222

Me, 26 Nov 2011I work in the phone industry . this is not a bad phone, however ... morecan you tell me what your far SGS2 can do and 800 can't except draining battery features and resource hogging (don't talk about front cam and expandable memory this features are useless atleast for me)

  • AnonD-11222

[deleted post]i wish i could get my precious 5 seconds which i wasted while reading your comment

  • Hmm

[deleted post]You work for 3, I would keep that to your self...

  • Hmm

Who's Windows?, 26 Nov 2011Put a useful OS inside and people might be interested. If so... moreIts not all about the specs sometime believe or not, its about ease of access and usability to some people. So stop stating dumb stuff like that. If you don't like it move along and find something you are interested in.

  • AnonD-1136

Someone works for three, not at their Asian call centre that has to be the worst for accurate response in my opinion. Three also in the UK seems to have the poorest coverage, when it works it is great, but the word is WHEN! Back to the phone, agree typical wp specs, poor. Nokias worst move ever, they started open source with symbian, but have shot themselves in the foot. I don't know why they just give up phones altogether, Nokia used to make other electronic devices, not sure if they still do?

Pete, 26 Nov 2011The Nokia lumia is yet another standard windows 7 device and all... moreyou fool then why do people keep talking abt sammy sgs2 which has the same software as any other droid, doesnt mean it is the same as a sammy galaxy y or cheap zte. The brand does bring a lot to the table and Nokia has done that with 800 thus making it stand out. For the first time people wanna buy a wp7. Hell iphone 3gs to 4s are on the same platform so are they all exactly the same?

  • Anonymous

Me, 26 Nov 2011I work in the phone industry . this is not a bad phone, however ... moreThe market has learnt that tech specs does not equal performance. They may have believed this for a while, but the market has now matured. WP7 has emulated iOS to a certain extent, favouring smooth performance and highlighting this in their marketing.

  • Me

I work in the phone industry . this is not a bad phone, however you are right the spec is simple. windows phones are pritty much same. basic phones. compared to galaxy s2 spec wise not even close

  • Who's Windows?

Put a useful OS inside and people might be interested.

If some new colour is all that be offered as breaking news, then there is little hope of long term interest in such devices.

Meego was the fleeting glimpse of inspiration that died before release.....

  • Ali

Also 3 is rated best smartphone network and has best 3g reception. Yes I work for Three but yes I shall be honest we do have flaws but so does every network but we work to resolve these flaws. Right now network reception and internet speed is amazing and the best. Our deals most of the time are the best out there. We must be doing something right when we are the preferred network for Apple :)

  • Ali

I've been playing with this phone for ages now and I have to say if there is no software issues this is going to be an amazing step up for Nokia. The phone is very smooth with the tile format and Facebook works better on this than on my iPhone. This is something to watch out if this is how the Nokia and Windows partnership is going to start I think Nokia is back with impact!

  • Pete

The Nokia lumia is yet another standard windows 7 device and all this hype is just stupid. Other than the hardware and build quality the lumia is not as good as some phones out there specs wise.

Think people need to wake up!

  • mahesh

when white version will hit d market,,,,

  • killflash70

Raghu, 25 Nov 2011whats cs?customer service

  • PKS

Raghu, 25 Nov 2011whats cs?cs is customer service

  • Farewell

Like the look of it and the color, but wish it was android, wouldnt think twice about buying it. Ah nokia, you shot yourself in the foot...Sorry, both feet and between the eyes X_X

  • iPhone1287

When is gonna hit u.s market?

  • yilmazeser1

We used windows mobile good out of fashion