Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) reaches India

20 November 2018
Price of the phone with rear main cameras starts from INR36,990 ($520/€450).

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DOA ! Price-Spec-Software not in line with market situation! Samsung is snoring on mid-ranges! Pocophone F1 has 6GB SD 845 half the price (yes, you hear it correct) than this mid-range SD 660 with Android 8.0. Forgot to tell that today Pocophone F1 received Pie update! I am not even going to talk about OnePlus 6 and 6T....

Launched for INR 39990, wait for some months and they will bring down the price to 28000-30000 and honestly at launch Samsung, LG, Sony phones are heavily overpriced,
Never buy these phones immediately after launch, and for this price better go for OnePlus, LgV30 or top models from Honor, Oppo..

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Nedd, 20 Nov 2018Galaxy A9 reached India in a disappointing manner. Samsung... moreIf S10 fails i will

And this is why Samsung is currently struggling. Compelling mid-ranger, but 520 USD for this?

Imagine if Samsung charged 399 USD for this, or even 350. It would be too tempting to pass up.

  • Nedd

Galaxy A9 reached India in a disappointing manner.
Samsung going down and down. This year only Note9 is not overpriced like iphone and pixel.
Apart from it every device is nightmare.
I think Samsung is going to become second "NOKIA".

It's way too expensive considering the processor is the midrange SD 660. Could have been a potential hit if it would have been atleast Exynos 8895 or SD 835. And I know Samsung's gonna restrict its camera capabilities too, like low customizations in Pro Mode, No OIS, No 4K (I guess).
But I'm sure it's gonna sell really well offline!

  • Foo

The phone's price is a joke

  • Anonymous

What an absolute ripoff, knowing that the 4th sensor is unneeded!