Samsung will ship Bixby 3.0 with the foldable Galaxy F

20 November 2018
Bixby 3.0 is coming with the foldable Galaxy F in March.

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  • Anonymous

I think Microsoft Andromeda foldable phone looks promising than Galaxy F series

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2018LOL it's funny how manufacturers are removing useful featur... moreAgreed dude. It's annoying when they remove auto scroll and tilt to scroll. Even their smart stay is not stable and they don't try to stabilize it. They should not waste their time with this bixby. If they want to control everything people will surely leave them eventually.

  • unknown

MarcioR, 21 Nov 2018Technology going back a decade i see. Look at that phone, a... moreUre looking at the rwong side of the phone.. that`s not the side you gonna use ! or if u use it will be not as main display.. will be just for some infos

  • lyndino

I agree that bixby right now is not ideal but I don't even notice the button (maybe because I'm not a complete retard, only partially).
The fact that Samsung believe's so strongly about what Bixby can do, by having a contract with the developers of Siri on board and then open it up to the general public turning us all into developers is actually a really cool thing. Yet all of you only want to beat on Samsung for trying to improve on their investment.
People are asking for new innovations and crying for certain things that are not ascertainable on 1 device to impress everybody, but they open up a WORLD WIDE developer network to get everybody on board and you still whine and bitc#.

Have fun with your iPhone and Huawei AI that puts dog ears on selfie pics, because that's what I look for in a phone.

  • lyndino

RORIII, 21 Nov 2018I am not sure about feature, all we care is to get a timely... morePretty sure they announced the upgrade to pie last week, maybe even 2 weeks ago.
Pretty nice of Huawei to have good software support when their hardware fails. :)

  • MarcioR

Technology going back a decade i see. Look at that phone, and here i thought the ZTE Axon M was a joke. Look at those ridiculous bezels.
I will be surprised if this will be a succes, because one thing's clear, i won't be helping on that succes, it looks ridiculous

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2018LOL it's funny how manufacturers are removing useful featur... moreYeah that bezel was very useful . I love when my phone is ginormous for no reason.

Are you even thinking? There is a point in removing bezels.

I agree about Bixby though. AI is nowhere near useful. It may be in a couple of decades. Until then it is mostly in stasis.

And in general adding buttons on a phones that seeks minimalism is something that only you fanboys would like. But apparently not even you like it. Speaks volumes of how bad the decision regarding "bixby" button was/is.

I honestly feel that they remove the 3.5mm jack at least. Now that we have a universal port (USB c). It stands there doing nothing. Much like the bixby button. I hope that both would be put out of their misery.

One of the reasons i left Samsung and ain't going back till they remove hardware buttons. There is a reason ppl prefer Android phones from ios, because of the liberty, if you take that off, then you will lose the ppl that favored you for that.

They ruined it already... dammit Samsung!

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2018One of the reasons I left sammySame.

maybe in the near future, we don't even need screen on smartphone
AI will do everything for us

Omg getting worse and worse are they drunk...

  • John

That stupid non reprorammable button has stopped me from buying s8 and s9. It seems that i won't be getting new sammy either.

  • six_tymes

3rd times a charm? maybe the 3.0 will be good

Again, a button that cannot be reprogrammed, mark my words xD


I am not sure about feature, all we care is to get a timely support, this is why i left Samsung, Beside the screen quality Samsung does not offer anything special for there customers, all they care is sales, they don't care about support, today Huawei is offering a great product with a better software support even if i don't like there UI, I am a Pixel user, Google does not offer the best hardware however you get the best support from software and this what we care as a users, I don't care about foldable phone i care about support. Note 9 shipped with Oreo, all S series still under 8.0 Oreo, this is a high end smart phones, this is only my opinion. Samsung must start working on their update.

I'm sooo waiting for Bixby 3.0! Can't wait to try!!! .............(Hell no!)

  • Anonymous

LOL it's funny how manufacturers are removing useful features or adding notches (And Samsung will add "hole") and yet they insist on keeping things nobody uses/needs.

  • Anonymous

One of the reasons I left sammy

Bixby is here to help