Realme 2 Pro now also getting ColorOS update

21 November 2018
The new patch brings new features, security patches, system and camera optimizations.

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  • 22 Nov 2018

StraightEdgeNexus, 21 Nov 2018Just give it bootloader unlockingthe bootloader unlock will arrive on realme 2 pro early 2019

    Em..... I wonder when would they start develop their own "custom" Realme Android skin? Come on BBK, I am waiting.

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      • sam
      • fCZ
      • 21 Nov 2018

      plz change your colour is plz realme

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        • sadh
        • tDP
        • 21 Nov 2018

        If this is getting pie, im am sticking with 2pro. Otherwise, i pick 6.1plus or 7.1 (please come to Indonesia)

          Just give it bootloader unlocking