Meizu 16s flagship to arrive with Snapdragon 8150 in May 2019

22 November 2018
The company CEO Jack Wong announced these details earlier today.

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  • Gusta

Noel, 24 Nov 2018Four things Meizu needs in the next flagship. 1)Multi mode... more1. They have it on the global version product. Not the China version.

2. Yes they should improve but it understandable that they are smaller company and still trying to be better.

3. It depends on personal taste even Oppo's new Color OS is copying FlyMe and Meizu is bringing it to law.

4. The relatively small battery of Meizu 16x and 16th is because of the so thin in thickness. As we have known, the thicker phone the bigger battery will be put and of course will increase the weight. Yes they should make a little thicker of their latest phone to accomodate the battery capacity.

  • Noel

Four things Meizu needs in the next flagship.
1)Multi mode global bands
2)Upgraded top camera with optimized software
3)Stock Android or Android One-like UI
4)Huge capacity battery, also well optimized

  • Anonymous

Meizu should have hire some new people in software development and they can achieve big things. They make pretty amazing hardware but the software is terrible in compared to the top chinese competitors (xiaomi, huawei, oppo).

That's good, I just got the 16th this week and if they launched one with the 855 next month I would have cried.

  • Gusta

kuba, 22 Nov 2018If they add clean Android, SD 8150, NFC and 4000 mAh batter... moreWith the size of Meizu 16th.. It's hard to put 4000 mAh with flaghsip SoC size. It will be so thick. Maybe 16th Plus can but the thickness is also more than 9mm. The board size of flagship SoC is bigger than low and mid SoC. So it will take more space on the phone itself.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2018This is why I will stick with my Mate 20 pro and Kirin 980.... moreThe only reason why Huawei is ahead is b/c they release their chipset every 4th quarter while Qualcomm's chip is sooner. When the 8150 comes out in a few more months, this Kirin chipset will be significantly behind.

  • Kangal

This is unexpected, since Meizu are usually 9-12 months behind the likes of Samsung when it comes to hardware upgrades. This would put them 3 months behind, but in-line with OnePlus and other OEMs, and even 3 months ahead of other OEMs (eg Lenovo/ASUS).

If it is correct, this might be my first Meizu device that I buy new (always bought used or borrowed).

However, I might NOT get the international version and I might instead get the CHINESE version. This is because the Chinese versions are usually able to be rooted and sometimes have the bootloader unlocked. And once that's done, I can flash the Global ROM or even better go and tinker with it and install something like ResurrectionRemix Custom ROM instead. This be a warning for you people.

  • Anonymous

This is why I will stick with my Mate 20 pro and Kirin 980. I hate Snapdragon because of this. They are always behind 8-10 months. And in Google Pixel devices 13 months. This is unacceptable.

Give me back some thickness for microSD. But the 16th's design was no notch, headphone jack, in display finger print sensor, stereo speakers. It will likely NOT get microSD, but make it a complete phone with that, clean up FlyMe OS a bit and I will buy that.

  • kuba

If they add clean Android, SD 8150, NFC and 4000 mAh battery to the Meizu 16 design and they'll got the best phone ever.

Atleast the company notifies us we shouldn't expect an overhaul. However. I'll be REALLY pleased if meizu offered memory expansion on their flagships

  • Gusta

Make it slightly thicker to make the battery capacity larger and put NFC! Of course more color variant and competitive price like 16th today.