Samsung Galaxy M10 shows Exynos 7870 and 3GB of RAM on Geekbench

27 November 2018
The entry level in Samsung's upcoming M series of phones will run Android 8.1 Oreo.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2018Overused SoCIndeed. Why these bozo's are still manufacturing phones with a Cortex A53 is beyond me!

And with less than 4GB RAM you might as well re-boot the Galaxy S5. That SD801 is a rocket compared to that Cortex A53 crap. Not to mention the S5 had literally everything.
fps (okay not the best fps but those came the next year), IR-blaster, audio-jack, user-replaceable battery, NFC, inductive charging, great camera, great reception (due to plastic casing).

Sure a better fps and inductive charging as standard instead of making it optional would have been better. But I'm sure Sammy could sell an S5 nowadays for 200 bucks (or less). It would be a great (relative) small screen phone even today.

  • kuldip singh bhakna

galaxy m10 good phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2018Overused SoCSo?

  • Anonymous

Overused SoC

  • Anonymous

Ng, 27 Nov 20187870 too cheap so samsung continue to use?if this cause 50$ why not ?
but im just kidding
I know I know Samsung is too greedy

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2018You idiots would complain about Samsung even if the put the exyn... moreWhy are u so triggered about it? Do u even know when the EXYNOS 7870 was released? 2016! We're heading to 2019 and yet SAMSUNG is still using their low-end chipset from 2016, at least make a successor that's more powerful, like a little more powerful at least with the cores. Probably? U can't even guarantee if it's more powerful than what Chinese brands have to offer, it's performance is down the chart if u compare with a list of budget smartphones of its range, OPPO's RealMe lineup definitely beat this, same goes to other Chinese brands. I don't get it, why y'all call Chinese brands "trash"? If it's build quality it's a thing of the past, if it's "copying", everyone copies now, not only Chinese brands. Are u in denial fam?

Could've made a better chipset still, but whatever
14nm is no longer the most power efficient process in the world today, regardless of the lack of big cores

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2018You idiots would complain about Samsung even if the put the exyn... moreCalm down baby. It's a fact that xiaomi offers better processor, storage and ram (even better cameras and battery) at that price range.

everyone's complaining about the chipset but what jumped out at me was the storage! 16GB?? that's actually pretty small, and I know it's the entry level but still come on, 32 should be minimum I think

  • Anonymous

You idiots would complain about Samsung even if the put the exynos 9820 with 8GB ram in this phone. This is a budget phone not a midranger so I don't see how the 7870 is a "joke" And it will probably be a lot more powerful than what Xiaomi and all the other rubbish Chinese brands use.

  • AnonD-621054

galaxy M10 exynous 7870
galaxy M20 exynous 7885
galaxy M30 exynous 7885
galaxy A50 exynous 7885 (some country M50)

  • Anonymous

xXENDER FREAKXx, 27 Nov 2018Are u serious, the EXYNOS 7870 again? Aren't they aware that it'... moreThe gpu gflops of 23
In 2019 that has no power At all
The adreno 505 doubles it

  • Anonymous

M10 is in the same range as J2 or J3, which have quad core processors and at most 2GB RAM. I don't know what you guys are complaining about, especially when you are not the target audience.

  • Anonymous

Aaaaand then the price is $3.. clap clap clap

  • Dean

If this happen Samsung you would DIE...
I hope this would not happen...

  • Zero

If the Exynos 7870 is only for the entry level, it would be a MASSIVE gamechanger from Samsung and finally they are going on the right track.

  • Phone_Geek

the Galaxy J6 has the Exynos 7870 with 2, 3 or 4GB of RAM, what happens to Samsung?? are you gonna ever upgrade that procesor on the mid range lineup??

  • Diamon

Just wait the game will changer sooner, just wait sucksung, your too arogant, 7870 = crap this is almost 2019 lol, and i bet this phone is overpriced too, clap clap clap

OMG 7870= Joke, 3gb= Joke = Joke.
Gooddd Samsung seems totally confused and desperate in these day's.
I dont think all this desperate action will help Samsung any longer.
They really make some weird choices last couple of months.

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