Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 goes through torture test, makes other smartphones blush

29 November 2018
Kyocera's rugged phone lives up to its looks.

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  • XtremeSports

Got this phone about a week ago. It indeed appears to be generally rugged. Every time I access the MicroSD card (you must remove a simple plastic sealing cover for this), a screen warning appears to make sure the plastic cover is clean and securely snapped back in place. In order for the phone to remain water+dust proof, all port covers must be sealed clean and undamaged, including the audio jack, SIM/MicroSD tray, and the charging port covers. Makes sense. But if they get damaged or nicked around their sealing edges (polyethylene is easily nicked), Kyocera won't sell them separately! These are merely cheap plastic plugs which can and will positively wear and damage with time and use. Here's the problem: Kyocera "policy" is, they will not sell or provide any parts for the DuraForce Pro 2 yet. In order to get any part or component, including the simple covers/plugs or SIM/MicroSD card tray (which is a very fragile, thin cheap plastic part itself and cracks easily) you must send-in your phone for them to perform the repair. This takes 3 weeks. Kyocera told me parts for the Pro2 (model# E6910) are unavailable through Kyocera and all support vendors until at least November 2020, when Kyocera's warranty period has expired beyond the phone's initial release. They have no common customer support, like Apple or Motorola or Samsung does; the company is just not setup that way.
So, on paper and for the first few weeks or months of ownership this phone looks great durability-wise. But if you damage or wear-out and need to replace one of the cheap little plastic covers or the SIM/MicroSD card tray, then it will leak water/dust, and it's so not practical as rugged device. I can't imagine any other phone manufacturer not providing trivial simple replacement parts that any user would be capable of installing, such as a SIM card tray. For me, this has been a show-stopper.

Whackcar, 04 Dec 2018Agreed about that. Kyocera is pretty good for people on a b... moreAnd also it have nothing special worth 500 more bucks.
Better CPU for what??? A 0,2 sec faster response?
Or to load same app as Kryocera in a 0,5 sec faster time.
Or a little bit better camera???
Its a phone not a proffesional camera.
Active line of Samsung have nothing worth the money they asks for.

CptPower, 03 Dec 2018Man S active should be a good phone for someone but Samsung... moreAgreed about that. Kyocera is pretty good for people on a budget.

The Samsung Active series is not quite affordable for the average person.

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2018Construction workers need these rugged phones the most. Well when yu are at a tall buzilding even a rugged phone cant withstand damage from a very high height.
Any hard working job needs rugged phones.
Like firemens, miners, car repair and many else.

Whackcar, 30 Nov 2018Nah, the S Active series isn't bad at all. Those phones are... moreMan S active should be a good phone for someone but Samsung unbeatable pricing makes theses phones not worth the money and thus less atractibve to buy.
And this awerage kryocera for 400 is a good enough.
It have enough battery and specs to run anything and everything.

TechnoDon, 30 Nov 2018Yes but Samsung didn’t release a S9 ActiveI'm okay with that, if it means that the S10 Active (and its successors) are offered in Q1 2019 and are no longer exclusive to only the USA and no longer exclusive to only AT&T.

C'mon bring the Active to the rest of us!

  • six_tymes

if only this had the 675 chipset, I would buy three of these

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2018makes other smartphones blush. Other rugged smartphones ... moreBlush of I
Embarrassment ... Meaning apple as they have "sapphire" that scratches at 6

  • Anonymous

nokia 3310 is stronger that this device. hahaha

  • Anonymous

Made in JAPAN. Enough said.

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 30 Nov 2018Do not blame the "Chinese". You should blame the crooked co... morewhoever is wrong Trump mush punished Apple because the damagged already done and it could affected other American products,Customers would think that others also used fake materials.

Whackcar, 30 Nov 2018Kyocera managed to put real Sapphire on both the display an... moreThat's very very cheap company

Fake sapphire in iPhone. But look here's the real sapphire

  • TechnoDon

Whackcar, 30 Nov 2018Nah, the S Active series isn't bad at all. Those phones are... moreYes but Samsung didn’t release a S9 Active

  • backtomini

i have duraforce pro and hardware is pure gold. but that phone lacks root capability and software shipped by vendors is junk. I had no other phone with similar specs with andropid that lags so much as this one.

  • Hoffmann

This phone is a tank

no such thing as better or blush or not, perfx, no blush nmw

The real sapphire, pure and honest without BS a la tim cook.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 30 Nov 2018Nah, the S Active series isn't bad at all. Those phones are... moreConstruction workers need these rugged phones the most.

Nah, the S Active series isn't bad at all. Those phones are somewhat more practical for regular usage as compared to this. This Kyocera phone would be great phone for sportsmen & hyperactive people, but not quite satisfying for the average person. The S Active series on the other hand can be used by anyone who's willing to use a less-attractive looking phone.

Kyocera = Durable + stock Android
S Active = Durable + excellent performance + camera + screen + gaming + battery Life

Too bad that the S9 Active got canned this year... and we don't know if the series will continue or not. If not, then people will have to resort to alternatives such as Kyocera...