OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition to have 10GB of RAM, 256GB of storage

29 November 2018
A new rumor claims this will be the highest-end version of any phone the company has ever made.

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  • 03 Dec 2018

Purple colour mobile 10 g 512 rom one plus 6t MCHLERN

    Well words are spoken and bread is eaten.
    Monolith Chaccone have 18GB of ram and a 3TB of disk space and 3 CPUs and GPUs and what???
    Niothing its just a phone.

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      • Anonymous
      • sSx
      • 03 Dec 2018

      10gb ram is all about Mclaren Numbers, since they are all about numbers, hence 10 gb ram i will not be surprised if they come up with 1TB as storage.

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        • Anonymous
        • DkB
        • 02 Dec 2018

        Its a good products

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          • Gandalfdenvite
          • n4x
          • 01 Dec 2018

          Can anyone who actually needs 10 GB of RAM in their phone please tell us what they do, we need some new tips on how to use our powerful phones in 2018?
          Is there any point in doing 4K video editing... on a phone, with a small screen compared to a laptop?

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            • cyka blyat
            • PQV
            • 01 Dec 2018

            now let make all major smartphone brand represent their car maker brand from their country

            sony xperia GT-R or Nismo edition
            samsung galaxy Stinger edition
            Apple iphone SRT or ACR edition

              Sam, 30 Nov 201810GB RAM is just hype. Instead of it provide 3.5mm jack or ... moreThey won't put ip ratings, because they won't be responsible for 1di0ts who drown their phones! Jack is dead, deal with it!

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                • Q5x
                • 30 Nov 2018

                this phone needs to have a cooling system 10GB RAM

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                  • JaK
                  • 30 Nov 2018

                  Authors got it wrong, there are already phones with 10GB of ram

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                    • Chrsjns
                    • tx0
                    • 30 Nov 2018

                    Kabbi, 30 Nov 2018You're absolutely right. Android works at its very best wit... moreI really thought 4gb was the magic number... But the more the merrier isn't it?

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                      • Kabbi
                      • J8x
                      • 30 Nov 2018

                      AnnaXX, 30 Nov 2018I am not an expert but I don't think this much RAM is reall... moreYou're absolutely right. Android works at its very best with 6GB ram. 8 GB is overkill and 10GB... I don't know what to call it

                        Anonymous, 30 Nov 2018Turing Monolith Chaconne is a vaporware.oh yeah the one with 18gb ram xd

                          I am not an expert but I don't think this much RAM is really needed in a phone.
                          Probably they are giving 10 GB ram and extra storage so people who purchase this special edition feel that they are not just paying for aesthetic and visual changes but they are also getting superior hardwares, with this no one call them a stupid who bought expensive version just for look.

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                            • D1P0
                            • GX%
                            • 30 Nov 2018

                            Nubia just announced their Red Magic Phone with 10gb of ram , so what's all this talk of the McLaren 6T being the first to have 10gb of ram?????

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                              • Sam
                              • uvE
                              • 30 Nov 2018

                              10GB RAM is just hype. Instead of it provide 3.5mm jack or IP Rating.
                              OnePlus launch new phone after it every month they launch special edition new color to create BUZZ.
                              Good Job OnePlus

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                                • Kangal
                                • Hq4
                                • 30 Nov 2018

                                So now we have phone variants for Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren.

                                How long do I gotta wait to have a matching budget Hyundai i30 Phone?!??

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                                  • Anonym
                                  • 60J
                                  • 30 Nov 2018

                                  Will this also struggle to score points?

                                    OnePlus my favorite flagship killer brand 😍😍😍, your devices are already known for speed, now 10gb ram?. That's some real McLaren

                                      no scooter edition?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • GX3
                                        • 30 Nov 2018

                                        tigerbomb1996, 30 Nov 2018turing phone anyone??? (12gb ram smartphone)Turing Monolith Chaconne is a vaporware.