Korean Galaxy Nexus to have an extended 2,000mAh battery

30 November, 2011
Apart from the standard 1,750mAh battery, the Korean Galaxy Nexus will have another 2,000mAh battery.

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  • peace~~

MW, 02 Dec 2011Made in Korea as in Assemble in Korea with all parts Made in Chi... moreAll parts are made in korea

  • tony

AnonD-3211, 02 Dec 2011Dunno what that black thing on the down right corner with Samsun... moreI think the black block in the lower right corner is the dock/battery charger

  • AnonD-3211

Dunno what that black thing on the down right corner with Samsung logo on it, it's not a case, it's smaller than the GN..

  • MW

Made in Korea as in Assemble in Korea with all parts Made in China. Same thing.

  • Anonymous

paku, 01 Dec 2011Galaxy nexus is one of the smartphone products of Samsung. Ipho... moreNah...my GS2 says it is made in Korea. My Nokia E71 is made in Korea.

  • paku

Galaxy nexus is one of the smartphone products of Samsung.
Iphone smartphones are products of Apple

However, most of these two competitor's device are made in China...Just like your silverware.

  • wd

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2011samsung is made in korea.not all samsungs are made in Korea

many samsungs are made in China

  • Nick Jones

Tizen Takeover, 30 Nov 2011LOL Even the Battery is fragmentedYes if you have traveled around the world then you will know that in some countries your phone lasts longer than others. I'm guessing it the type of quality of the networks.

  • pk

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2011samsung is made in korea.and the iphone is made in china......what's your point

  • Anonymous

samsung is made in korea.

  • Tizen Takeover

LOL Even the Battery is fragmented

  • ph00ny

I'm not sure if GN comes with a DMB tuner but most phones in korea has a DMB tuner and it wouldn't make sense not to include a second battery

  • Nobody

People might think Korean get benefits because its made by korean manufacture but the truth behind it's the opposite! That extended battery sounds like a bonus for buyers but the price of the battery is already included in the package. Korean manufacture sell more expensive to the local market putting excuses. So its cheaper to buy in overseas! Even you have to buy an extra battery the total cost would be way cheaper than Korea.

  • AnonD-519

Huh ... good news (for the Koreans) ... I hope that Samsung will do the same for the other countries ... or at least the extended batteries can be found easily ... as well as the desk dock that goes with it!

Otherwise it won't be fair :-(

  • Anonymous

But korean galaxy note is very poor.
That has Snap Dragon S3, more battery drain, poor graphics performance, expansive then other country's galaxy note, LTE(expansive cost).

  • mircea

"Hard to say who got the short end of the stick; the Europeans who got the smallest battery or the Americans who haven't even got the phone yet."
:)) good one!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Since Koreans actually created the device?

  • Anonymous

It's actaully the network providers who decide on those accessories rather than the manufacturer. Their power is inflential.

Eg) SG2 is sold under the name of NTT DOCOMO. No accessories and more expensive than iphone4(softbank) when it was released. No accessories were included. Same things happened to SE.

  • avnr

because almost all phone here in korea have an extra battery and separate charger. and much cheaper also!! : )

  • Darkangels6sic6

I just wish they would stop all this battery non sense. That's bull they can't fit a higher capacity in those batteries without making it bigger. Plus on top of that if everyone would use lithium polymer batteries instead they would fit more juice into a smaller battery