Samsung announces the Exynos 5250 2GHz chipset, is super fast

30 November, 2011
The Exynos 5250 chipset is expected to land in future next-generation tablets and smartphones.

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  • Anonymous

m86k, 30 Nov 20112012 will be one hell of a year in mobile world for us geek... morePlanned obsolescence, as simple as that. Is what makes them filthy rich while you struggle to get the latest gadgets.

  • Cod3rror

DeathCod3r, 30 Nov 2011You're wrong! although iphone4s has dual core it actually d... moreJust in case you didn't get the news, Flash is dead. They are stopping all developments for mobile phones.

  • Alex

Samsung tries and doesnt do anything good

  • m86k

2012 will be one hell of a year in mobile world for us geeks. That's a sure thing.

Thank you to such companies making us able to really progress.

Why holding back technologies to masses (like some you know)? It's only a waste of time in our lifetime.

To the ppl wondering, "what for?", "that's overkill" and other things. Just think about it.

  • bill

AnonD-16342, 30 Nov 2011Dont know whether u guys are trolls or not... but I also ow... moreI didn't call you a troll, just because I have a preference of what's happening today doesn't qualify me as a troll. I said you choosing to stick by your N8 was fair enough, I just pointed out that some of us prefer something different to what others are happy with but I'm not forcing you to change your likes. I even said that being a Symbian owner would have it's advantages as you'd get support till 2016 when it is supposed to be killed off, by which that time the processing technology of rivals will have matured and be far ahead, even the OS Nokia is now loyal to, WP7.

  • Corrections

The galaxy s2 actually has 2 cores clocked at 1.2GHz, not 2GHz

  • AnonD-2349

First of all a A-15 processor is about twice power full then a a9 processor meaning 1 ghz A-15 = 2 ghz A-9..
So dual core A15 2 ghz processor = 8 ghz a9 processor...
much faster than tegra 3 so stop saying that u want quad core or something like that..
i read at wikipedia that a 1.5 ghz a-15 processor is actually more power full than intel,s 1.5 ghz atom processor...
also since a15 sucks a lot of battery two a7 cores is a must as stated in big little technology and each 1ghz cortex -A7 processor is 50% more power full than 1ghz cortex A8 processor while showing 70% improvement in battery..
meaning its a win win for both who want performance and a good battery life in a same phone

check here that a7 are nothing more but a15 cores that are actually used to provide battery improvement instead of performance and are to be used in big little configuration...

also the next samsung smart phone would be powered by mali t-604gpu which is about 3 times power full than mali-400

no matter what people say i would really love see this hardware in action but am only afraid of one thing, in my opinion a screen size of 4 inch is already large and anything bigger than what we see in sgs2 would be way to big to carry.
i would be happy to see a thicker device with not more than 4.3 inch screen and a thicker battery...:)

Btw samsung isn't the only one with next gen chips...
Qualcomm, omap TI and st-ericsson have already announced their work on next gen a15 core chipsets based on 28 nm manufacturing process. The next st-ericsson is even going to feature Power imaginations next gen SGX 'rogue' gpu. Sgx GPUs r already the best in the market in mobile department and with this gpu in st-ericsson chipsets maybe samsung new chipset is going to face a lot of challenges next yr...

  • Brood

Why dual core?
By Q2 2012 the quad core ones will come out,....
Good work samsung!! Lets bring on the 2GHz Quad that time too!!

  • joseph

is the galaxy note coming with anything like this? Is there any upgrade with the note, i need to know this as i am planning to buy a not ASAP...Something like 2GHz & something better than gingerbread...

Need a reply soon..

Main disadvantages of this new samsung chipset -
it's not arm's big.LITTLE, so the two cores of this chip at 2 ghz r gng 2 suck a hell lot of power... Making samsung's already weakly performing phones(in battery department) more weaker...
Morover this chipset has been specifically mentioned to be used in high end tablets not phones... so don't expect it to come in next galaxy phone any time soon.
And why the hell r u guys even comparing this with tegra 3. Products of tegra 3 r already on the verge of selling and this samsung chipset isn't even ready for sampling at this time.
btw nvidia will be ready with their tegra 4 next yr around this time(just few months after this samsung chipset starts getting used).
So nvidia isn't behind sammy in any way...

  • AnonD-16342

Cod3rror, 30 Nov 2011600MHz iPhone 3GS works smoother, faster and has more funct... moreHaha... good joke, here is a honest comparison:

1. N8 has 12 Mpx, 1/1.83 Sensor -- 4S has 8 mpx, 1/2.2 sensor.
2. Out of the box Divx support -- 4S .... nothing
3. Independence,i.e,ability transfer music files from PC,which still is a dream for an Iphone-r.

And many more things.. not saying Nokia is the best, but neither is Apple and its almighty Iphone!!!!

  • AnonD-16342

Bill, 30 Nov 2011Well if you're happy with your N8 good for you, no one's st... moreDont know whether u guys are trolls or not... but I also own an Xperia and Moto Razr, which both I guess are Android phones...
I took the example of N8 because it had the lowest hardware specs but more-or-less complete feature portfolio...and it has the most spectacular camera(Even a full length feature film shot entirely in N8 is releasing soon).
I am not against dual cores of today, but 2Ghz power guzzling monster is totally unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Nov 20112ghz clock speed + SAMOLED + less-improved battery = Mega B... mores amoled happens to be one of the most power officent displays out there.......

  • vipersnh

Bailey, 30 Nov 2011Yes because on Android you need a 2ghz chip to open a text ... morenice said.. true..

  • little taker

samsung please please can you put this in the galaxy s3 please

  • DeathCod3r

Cod3rror, 30 Nov 2011600MHz iPhone 3GS works smoother, faster and has more funct... moreYou're wrong! although iphone4s has dual core it actually doesn't do real multitasking and also it doesn't support flash so I guess all those horsepower is wasted apart from running one or two finely coded HD games

  • rick

Bailey, 30 Nov 2011Yes because on Android you need a 2ghz chip to open a text ... moredude that analogy is so 2004. Nowadays, games and 3D optimization along with web browsing and RAM ensure a smooth experience, heard of the cloud where synching music and emails along with NFC all on your smartphone, what you've listed is what a Nokia man did in 2003/4 or a featurephone. Nice to know you've gotten used to the idea of a camera and email on your phone. gsmarena, once the haven of Nokia don't like the fact that what they once innovated and lead in mobile technology are now slipping and falling behind so badly. Wake us up when you've finished using your Nokia 7650 dude.

  • Bailey

Yes because on Android you need a 2ghz chip to open a text message make a phone call take a picture and email your friends. Yet again a super engine in a mini which is pointless.

  • Cod3rror

Bill, 30 Nov 2011Well if you're happy with your N8 good for you, no one's st... moreWell said Bill.

It's hard to believe there actually people who still use Nokia relicts, get with the times, look around there are MUCH better phones out than a Nokia.