Samsung announces the Exynos 5250 2GHz chipset, is super fast

30 November, 2011
The Exynos 5250 chipset is expected to land in future next-generation tablets and smartphones.

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  • Cod3rror

AnonD-16342, 30 Nov 2011The question is at the end of the day, DO YOU NEED 2Ghz for... more600MHz iPhone 3GS works smoother, faster and has more functionality than Nokia N8.

  • AnonD-28640

now that is amazing, motorola just release their 1.2ghz dual core phone, ops your behind already lol

  • Bill

AnonD-16342, 30 Nov 2011The question is at the end of the day, DO YOU NEED 2Ghz for... moreWell if you're happy with your N8 good for you, no one's stopping you. However the rest of us will happily move onto 2012 whilst you are stuck with something from 2009, the advantage for you is that you'll continue to receive support on your device till 2016, but by that time Symbian will have only just adapted dual core optimisation whilst the competition will be will past that era, what you call a mobile phone is no longer a mobile phone but a personal multi functioning pocket computer. The phone is only a secondary thought now.

  • sb

samsung ur dad of all cellphone companies

  • ansaf

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2011This is made for PS Vita, rather than GS3 as far as i know.... morePsp vita uses 4 core ARM Cortex-A9, not a15.

  • Anonymous

Die shrink(40nm->32nm) means less power & more performance.

Wait up guys, there aren't any super advance technologies that significantly improves the battery life. There are some, but most of them are not profitable and not good for commercial.
Manufacturers and universities are working very hard on this matter, heavily investing, using most of the elements on the periodic table of elements, because they know it will be worth billions of dollar.

So, at the moment the realistic solution is this : shrink size of die, more power efficient architectures, using parts that consume less juice...

but not the battery(chemicals) itself.

  • Fade.

But is it better than Nvidia-tegra 3 aka kal-el. The quadcore monster with a better batterybackup than this proppably. Because you can set it to run on lesser cores and so it will drain way less battery. When you need power you will set it to take all the 4 cores into usage and it's at iCore5 or iCore7 level. Think about it? HTC Zeta a phone with the power of a good gaming desktop or playstation3. Do we actually need this power in our phones? A PS3 power in your pocket?


all are talking about performance,pixels,speed and 3D graphics.....what about Battery and power consumption?

  • Anonymous

Soon, we'll all ask the question, "Can this smartphone run Crysis" like we used to ask on new laptops before.

  • AnonD-4100

What about ARM’s big.LITTLE technology? Where did that disappeared?

What about size of Soc (28nm)?

  • hi

this means that the sgs3 will come out in july or even later

  • AnonD-16342

The question is at the end of the day, DO YOU NEED 2Ghz for a mobile phone with at MAX a 4inch screen. Means how much could you achieve , and I am not sure whether putting it into a phone will do justice to this hardware..
My Nokia N8 on the new Belle(upgraded yesterday, official) feels as smooth now as any other phone and it has 680 Mhz ARM 11 (read: Dino Age stuff) and I am able to do most of the things that it possible to do in a mobile phone.

  • Dan

I think you'll find the PSP Vita has already been confirmed with quad A9s so it is HIGHLY unlikely that they will sway to use the Exynos 5250 at such a late stage.

  • Anonymous

2ghz clock speed + SAMOLED + less-improved battery = Mega Battery Fail.

  • vasra

navdeep dahiya, 30 Nov 2011what gpu is it using @GSMarena??@navdeep dahiya: "what gpu is it using @GSMarena??"

According to rumours it's ARM Mali-T604 or T658.

up-to 4 times the speed of Mali in current Galaxy II devices.

  • Andry

go samsung !!!!!! go !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Tegra 3 Quad Core is already released whereas this chip will only available by 2nd quarter of 2012? Way behind Samsung...looks there's a lot of Samsung fanboy here trying to promote it's lagging technology. Wakeup people.

  • quadman

I want a quad core of this thing in a tablet.

  • AnonD-19038

I'm looking forward to seeing this within Samsungs' next powerhouse mobile phone in the summer. I just hope that there'll be software actually making use of this next generation hardware in mobile phones. I can only recall GTA III which has a minimum requirement of a dual core cpu on iPhone and Android OS handset...

  • AnonD-5449

AnonD-2562, 30 Nov 2011oh wow.. now lets see.. how about adding some cooling fans ... moreWhy do you need cooling? The CPU heats only when there is much load. The faster CPU, the faster it finishes what it is doing and therefore won't even warm up that much.