Samsung announces the Exynos 5250 2GHz chipset, is super fast

30 November, 2011
The Exynos 5250 chipset is expected to land in future next-generation tablets and smartphones.

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  • AnonD-5449

Woaaah I will definitely be buying the SGS3 if this is powering it :P

  • AnonD-2562

oh wow.. now lets see.. how about adding some cooling fans for a smartphones with such cpu? :P

  • Sun Down

AnonD-32339, 30 Nov 2011"Mali-t658 GPU supports a wide range of graphics and c... moreYou do realise that most GPUs in custom build PCs and even the 'gaming' PCs can't handle DirectX 11 fluently at native resolution? The so called 'superphones' might be able to, but I'd wager >10 frames per second. A really quick slideshow, nothing less.

  • EskeRahn

Ah! the 2560x1600 is good news!

On viewing distances, the limit for a person with good eyes to see details is:
2560x1600 matches about 2.0 times the diagonal
1920x1200 matches about 2.7 times the diagonal
960x640 matches about 5.2 times the diagonal
800x480 matches about 6.4 times the diagonal

So 2560x1600 would be great for tablets (and phoablets) of 5-10 inches.

  • asd

none of these will be good news for me until i hear about a new battery which has at least 10-20 times the present battery power...

  • sammylover

Please samsung can we be friends again so we can have your expertise for our new iphone 5?People complain about samsung but what a company at the forfront of tech!!Lead where others follow!!

  • AnonD-28098

Next big thing is Samsung

  • AnonD-32347

This is great news, but was meant to be ( Moore's Law). What i really want to hear is the next great BATTERY tech revolution. With such computing power the need and demand for power sources are increasing with no foreseeable breakthroughs there.

Without power this superphone is nothing but a paper weight, Samsung/other manufacturers please wake up.

  • John

For a mobile phone?
Take photos quicker
Make a faster call
Argue over video quality, and battery consumption.
Change widgets faster.
Oh, to play games children?
So what!

  • john

now if only they can find a way to keep them for overheating. my sg2 over heats at times during normal phone calls.

  • AnonD-32339

"Mali-t658 GPU supports a wide range of graphics and compute APIs including Microsoft DirectX 11, Khronos OpenGL ES, OpenVG, Khronos OpenCL, Google Renderscript and Microsoft DirectCompute. That's right: a "superphone" GPU capable of rendering DirectX 11 graphics!"this will be stunning in
terms of benchmarks..

  • AnonD-14398

This is not going to be in PS Vita for two major reasons, one it is dual core (vita is quad core) and two it will be released after the ps vita will already be shipping in shops.

  • AnonD-6838

i only hear chipset gets more powerful...but what about battery...does any1 care...

i hope some1 dere makes a battery dat last 5 days 10 days n all ...haha

  • AnonD-7043

My humble request to 'this kind of Powerfull Smartphone Manufacturers', for Gods sake please think about Battery too.
All that raw computing power is Ok, but what about the Power Comsumption???? I dont wanna run for a charger after every half an hour of heavy usage. Minimum 8-10 hours of talk time is a must for any smartphone user. Also I dont mind phone's thickness upto 12mm if it packs a Big powerfull battery.
Way 2 Go Sammy!

  • eripsa

One wonders if it will be powered by a nuclear fusion because the battery certainly won't last long.

  • AnonD-8044

Ok the smartfones are fast enuf its the infrastructure that needs boosting..I want better mobile signal and better upload/download speeds but overall more consistency...One minute i can update tweets and it takes ages next i can stream bbc newchannel stood in same spot...I know everything is variable due to atmospherics,how many people are using the cell tower but overall speed and consistancy is woefull..

  • msb

where is the big.little?

  • Anonymous

caveman, 30 Nov 2011And the battery life of the device would be...? What? 5 min... moreYour concern is invalid. We all concern about Tegra 3 because it is manufactured in 40nm node process and has more physical cores.

Meanwhile, Exynos 5250 is a dual-core(i believe they gonna use hyper-threading or something like that to make this quad-core), but the size of die is shrinked to 32nm which will actually improve the battery life. High-k metal gate process contributes that improvement as well.

So far only Samsung and Intel are successful to adopt the High-k metal gate 32nm process.

Make this more simple : you gonna get Intel Sandy Bridge alike ARM cpu that is designed by Samsung and manufactured by Samsung on your mobile phone(or PS VITA).

  • Ivan

For the people saying dual core is worse than quad core. you are ignorant, it uses the new A-15. Its like saying, the Pentium 3.43 quad core is better than an Intel i7 Dual core. And it is not powering the Vita. This chip starts production next year, while vita comes out december this year. Noobs

  • AnonD-32339

navdeep dahiya, 30 Nov 2011what gpu is it using @GSMarena??Mali t658 eight core gpu..10 times the performance of mali 400 mp..