Samsung announces the Exynos 5250 2GHz chipset, is super fast

30 November, 2011
The Exynos 5250 chipset is expected to land in future next-generation tablets and smartphones.

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  • AnonD-21269

caveman, 30 Nov 2011And the battery life of the device would be...? What? 5 min... moreYou should know that the 32nm process will further reduce power consumption compared to the A9 cores; and those are quite balanced in battery life IMO...

  • AnonD-21269

navdeep dahiya, 30 Nov 2011what gpu is it using @GSMarena??I sincerely hope it's the new Mali-T658; that would make for a really godlike chipset; beating Tegra 3 hands down...

  • Vivek

:p the next wave with bada 3 will be first to use this. lol

  • geecy

it must be for the galaxy s3 :s

  • Karate Obachi

Dual core - oops, 2GHz double oops. Everyone else is eying quad core 2.5GHz LOL

  • shikmaroooo

Playstatiom Vita uses a 4 core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore @ 3.2ghz

  • bsglan

oh boy!

  • Cosasu

Used Samsung Galaxy S = Amazing, Using Samsung Galaxy S II = Amazing and will definetely use the Samsung Galaxy S III packing this monster hardware because I am sure it is going to be Amazing. Suck on that Apple/HTC/Sony/Motorola ... when are you going to have hardware like this on time?

  • AnonD-1776

ps vita uses processor made by samsung, may be the exy5250,
my bro's old e880 got just 1mp cam, but its pictures are so sharp, when i rip it off, i found a chip that increases the picture quality, it was 2years ago, i forgot the name, btw sammy is the best, it supplies processors to apple, sony, dell, drams, nand flash to apple, build taipei 101, petronas towers, burj al dubai, it is the leading manufacturer of semi conductors. sammy is the best.

  • caveman

And the battery life of the device would be...? What? 5 minutes before you recharge?

  • Anonymous

This is made for PS Vita, rather than GS3 as far as i know. They should've made a sticker "Samsung inside" or something like that.

  • navdeep dahiya

what gpu is it using @GSMarena??

  • AnonD-30131

This is just amazing!!!
I can't wait to see what smartphone would be lucky enough to get this amazing SoC in it =)
But something that worries me is the prices of such high-end devices...
Also, companies should invest more in smartphones that also have full qwerty keyboards, IMO =)

  • johnnydepp15


  • sam

great news

  • pravs

im loving it... awesome