Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 5.1 Plus appear in Europe a day before global launch

04 December 2018
The phones will cost respectively €179 and €259.

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  • Anonymous

Nokia 6.1 is priced 12,000 Php - 10, 000 Php in the Philippines

hmm, 04 Dec 2018Yes but there is also Huawei, Xiaomi and even Meizu that i ... moreWell i dont bother if thats enough for you. Xiaomi 5 is a fine choice as long as it makes satisfy you.

  • Anonymous

EUR 260 is quite a bit more expensive than I was expecting.

  • Dan

If X6 had 6GB ram in Europe i would have bought it but with 4Gb is not that big of a deal... I think Nokia is mistaking the markets. They release with 6GB in China where people are poor and with 4GB in Europe where we can definitelly afford 6GB???? Should I remind them that the most expensive phones like Iphone XS and Note 9 have most of their sales in Europe not in China?

  • Anonymous

technos1, 05 Dec 2018Actually the type c connector is so much better than micro ... moreWith right cable same with micro usb.

  • Anna

Many users are blaming about Android 8.1 on theses phones. These are entry level phones & all OEM's will launch new OS on flagships first. We can see flagships from all OEM's with OS 9 in first half of 2019. Hopefully, we can see Nokia 9 with Android 9 in 2019.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2018the micro usb/ usb c comments are stupid. they will both... morei have 2 phone with same battery capacity, both receiving same voltage from same plug, the one with USB type C definitely charge faster than the one with micro USB.

  • Anonymous

nokia d king

  • Anonymous

Played with the Nokia 5.1 in the store. Seems quite sufficient for ordinary use. The Plus model ticks all the boxes except NFC and water proofing. The price €259 is very different from the €150 on gsmarena's spec page.

  • Essen

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2018For your kind information Nokia 6 2017 started with Android... moreHow is it a fulfilled promise? Releasing an older version of an OS. Then counting an update to a current version as one of the two updates? So instead of releasing it with 9, and updating to 10 and 11, Nokia releases with 8, and updates to 9 and 10? That's okay?

While this isn't about Chinese phones and I never bought it up, but since you did, Chinese phones update their own skin with features and security updates irrespective of OS updates. Besides, they don't claim immediate and spontaneous updates as their USP. Nokia under Android One does.

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2018the micro usb/ usb c comments are stupid. they will both... moreActually the type c connector is so much better than micro USB for the simple fact you do not need to continually worry which side is up on the connector. I never want to go back.

  • hmm

CptPower, 04 Dec 2018Still is a lot cheaper than Samsung LG Sony can offer. Yes but there is also Huawei, Xiaomi and even Meizu that i can buy in these price range and they have required Band B20

I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI as my first try of a Chinese brand after over 20 years of Nokia phones only. I needed a phone in the spring and Nokia had nothing to offer for the price range i was looking. And for my use camera dont need to be special. Middle range cpu is good enough and as i dont care about games then i dont need flagship cpu from either samsung, lg, sony and even from these new brands in my market from China.

This phone i have last 3 days no problems with one full charge time. And as i buy out the phone on release in my budget range that was under 200 euro it was still the best choice.

Will see how long it will last. Android updates are not so important for me and even the security updates. It's just a number of the version that get more features you dont care about but be happy to have them anyways. I am from Nokia home country little brother country and there new model come out late and then to my market even later with too high price for the hardware.

  • bug

Two years of OS updates my ass. Android One guarantees two major OS updates and every manufacturer has learned to release with an outdated version so one of those major updates only gets the phone where is should have been in the first place :(

  • Anonymous

Essen, 04 Dec 2018Android One is a joke. While 9 is out, they will release 8,... moreFor your kind information Nokia 6 2017 started with Android 7 too getting pie soon this is the promise they are fulfilling not like other fake brands.
Nokia is not like your cheap chinese companies

  • Anonymous

all the versions of ZenFone Max Pro M1 offer better package
with 5000mAh akku !!!
and a very good Snapdragon SoC
in this price-range or even cheaper in Europe as well.

  • Hasan

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2018i hope that the nokia 9 will be announced Nokia 9 is now dream.... And I think it will never launch in 2018

  • Essen

Android One is a joke. While 9 is out, they will release 8, and then update it to 9 and 10 claiming two updates. I hope all reviews dock 5 out of 10 just for this. Of course, the only thing that matters is if people vote with their wallets.

  • Anonymous

i hope that the nokia 9 will be announced

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 04 Dec 2018Why 259 euro for the 5.1 Plus if you can get the 7.1 for 33... moreHere is Serbia you can buy brand new Huawei Mate 20 Lite dual sim for 279 euros. Kirin 710, 1080p screen and a huge battery 3750 mah. No need for Nokia 720p 5.1 with these specs and price. What a shame.

SpiritWolf, 04 Dec 2018I am talking about Android version, obviously. Me too have Moto X4 now can be bought brand new for like 200 euros.
At first day of release i paid 395 and its outstanding device i would only reccomend.
400 euros for a phone is like my top i would spend for a phone.
I can easily buy even a Mate 20 porsche design for 2000 thats not a problem problem is i find no use in phone for 2000 when a 400 eur device does and offers same tricks.
And times when i cry because a colleague phone was a 1 second faster when running game or app are long time gone.
I am too old for that.
As long as i dont have to wait 10-20 seconds to load a single internet page i am fine.
And also changing device 1 time per 2-3 years and midranger of average quality can last that time so no offence but paying 1000+ for a phone are money thrown out of window even if a person can afford that with ease.