HTC U12+ personalizations enabled in Taiwan, you add images and text

04 December 2018
The service costs a minor fee, but note that the will be phone is yours forever - no returns.

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From weird to strange and vice versa. What else to say.

Novel. I think it's a great personal idea.

Too bad the HTC text is still there. A bit half arsed to me.
Maybe the HTC font size changed to extra tiny.

This is the great idea. I hope Samsung will offer something like this. It will be super cool to have a real customized smartphone.

I wish HTC would hurry up and get well. Sales wise

xXENDER FREAKXx, 05 Dec 2018Not much choice in smartphones? What do u mean by the way? ... morePeople only buy Samsung or Apple (60% Apple). The only other notable player is LG that can't sell a device more popular than the S7 Edge or the S5 Neo (both very old,3-4 years!!!). Also the choice is still restricted:
Sony XZ2C (CE)
Sony XA2/U (CE)
LG Q Stylo+ (CE)
Stylo 3+ (CE)
Xpower 4 (Carrier exclusive)
G6/+ ( + Is CE)
G7 (Carrie exclusive )
G7 One
Pixel 3/XL
Mate 20 Pro
Huawei P20 trio
Moto Z3 Play
Moto G6/Play (CE)
Moto E5 Play
Samsung S8/+
Note 9 128/512
A5 2017
A8 2018
J3 2018
The rest are discontinued phones only sold in stores (clearance). Midrange phones are BORING, the best we ever had was the J3 2016 and that's not saying much. Flagship is a tad more interesting but we have no inovative device (except for the UD M20P, but it's still being overlooked for the S9, S8 and iPhones). Motorola gave up flagships with the Moto Z. LG is apparently losing ground since it pulled the V series (V10, V20, V30, V35S ThinQ) though they were on special order all the time.

If you remove the non-noteworthy phones such as the low-end (J3, Xpower4, Stylo 3+...), the outdated mid range models (A5...) you have just a handful of models left. But what really kills it is the color choice. S8 is black or grey. S9 is Grey or Lilac. N8/9 is blue/black. Most phones only got one or two paint jobs. None has more than three, barring iPhones of course.

CE: Carrier Exclusive. Only sold by one carrier, usually in only one province so availability is ultra limited

ProJames, 05 Dec 2018If st least some other OEM would bring this globally. Hate ... moreNot much choice in smartphones? What do u mean by the way? I thought there's like Sony, SAMSUNG, LG etc there?

If st least some other OEM would bring this globally. Hate it it Canada, you don't have much choice on phones and even then the color palette is limited. With this system, problem solved.

Moto Maker V2.

Ooo, now this is cool