Sony Ericsson Nozomi allegedly official photo leaks

01 December, 2011
The HD screen smartphone looks the part and comes with an impressively slim waistline.

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  • Crucify

Tarek, 01 Dec 2011A friend of mine said he has seen a 16 Megapixal Sony handset th... moreLOL your way too funny man.. everytime I see you post its always about a friend.. my friend did this.. saw that.. "my friend knew steve jobs.. lol stop lying on the internet.. it doesnt make you cool.

  • Yudhaeth

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2011Hey anyone here know anything about so called SE w9 walkman droid?afaik only 2 walkmain droid, W8 and Live with Walkman

  • Yudhaeth

effing perfect, 02 Dec 2011mine was k300i hahah.. bulky phone, but the best gprs browing ex... moreK300 was my 'first love' :)

  • Anonymous

Hey anyone here know anything about so called SE w9 walkman droid?

  • darkmax

The Nozomi should be the first SONY smartphone to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box (though the current Xperia phones should get that too).

  • talkonly

What's best about Sony (Ericsson)? You never be watched by Carrier IQ. Basically Swedish and Japanese people doesn't care about your 'business'.

  • bikash

i was using sonyericsson since w10i i am using xperia arc though it doesnt hav front camera everything it rock.unique design,lcd i cam see new phone with great future with new android 4.0 sure it will take the market again

  • fun9

sony xperia cybershot ???!
Hopefully, 12 mp with xenon with 1080p 60fps, dual core 1,5 ghz, 8 gb internal with 1,5 gb ram, ICS,4,5 inch bravia 720p,2500 mah bttry. That's shall do it

  • Primark

It look's damn attractive, look at how slim it is, still on sony "ericsson" x8 though, hopefully this will be my next phone, and wish it has both video call via 3g and and video chat...

  • Doug

These specs are quite powerful. This phone may look promising. I'll be looking forward to this powerful smartphone.

  • Therooober

Looks nice, but rumors are only rumors, so one knows how exactly will it look. But i have a feeling that its going to be a great year for Sony Ericsson or Sony if they decided to change the name. I know it is going to be equipped with many features that will rock, but i hope they do not forget a feature that will ruin the phone, like in the Xperia Arc they forgot the front facing camera and Radio. Also, i hope it will have LTE or 4G. I wish that would be there on the phone, because i have been waiting for a descent phone from Sony Ericsson, and so far nothing stands out against the other's, but being a Sony Ericsson Fan to the bone, i am still waiting :)

  • jonnie

looks nyce, make it 1080p SE,

  • lennard

Go Sony... Next big thing is Panasonic Lumix smartphone... The Sharp Aquos smartphohe... NEC Medias smartphone... Fujitsu Arrow smartphone .. .. go Japanese...

  • iamdave84

Yudhaeth, 02 Dec 2011reminds me of C510I agree! I think it's the silver line around the edge that does it.

  • Anonymous

Motaz, 02 Dec 2011I thought SE were known for the nice curve! if they don't curve... moreWell you thought wrong..

  • some1

AnonD-32591, 02 Dec 2011Sony Ericsson Rocks......... no man. It sucks.

  • cplover

xperia cloud I guess

  • Anonymous

still waiting for Xperia Vita ... lolzzz

  • AnonD-32591

Sony Ericsson Rocks.........

  • Anonymous

bummy, 01 Dec 2011You mean SONY should make the next Nexus. Sony (ericsson)'s g... moreNot beats. Just The great sound of Sony self. Clear Bass and Clear stereo technology. This will rock the world.